How To Consume Mangoes In Different Ways

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How To Consume Mangoes In Different Ways

The most luscious and succulent tropical fruit- mango comes with a wide range of health benefits. The nutrition in mangoes protect and promote a healthy body and boosts immunity. Extremely hydrating and with high fiber content, mangoes are a complete paradise during the summers. This tender fruit can be consumed in various ways. Ditch the monotonous ways of consuming mangoes like mango shake, jam etc and switch to the contemporary means. Here are the few contemporary means you can easily access to consume mangoes in different ways. Have a look!

Tempting Ways To Enjoy Mangoes For Next Five Days Like Never Before!

  • Mango Lassi: Enjoy the season of mangoes with this refreshing mango lassi. This is prepared by combining fresh mango chunks, low fat plain yogurt or low fat curd. Apart from the delectable flavour, this drink contains the goodness and nutritive value from mangoes. Nonetheless, this chilled mango lassi has a very soothing effect on the body. Moreover, it’s filling and gives you the complete satiety. At last, it’s an ideal drink to consume along with the breakfast as it keeps you fuller for long.
  • Mango Panna: One of the most revitalizing summer coolant, mango panna (aam panna) is packed with the wholesomeness of mangoes that has an appetizing taste with piquancy. Easy to prepare- mango panna is prepared by combining raw mangoes, mint, salt, roasted cumin and coconut sugar which not only gives you an amazing flavour but also promotes salubrity. It keeps you hydrated, boosts immunity and cools your body from within. With impressive heat restraint traits, mango panna is served chilled and is an ideal drink to beat the hot weather.
  •  Mango Chaat: Raw and aromatic, mango chaat subsumes wholesome ingredients very distinctively. Mango chaat is easy to prepare and an absolute delight to your taste buds by combining the goodness of raw mangoes, onions, cilantro and tomatoes tucked with spices and tossed with puffed rice. It incorporates the zesty and savory very soothingly. It’s a perfect evening snack, refrigerate and serve chilled.
  • Mango Mousse: Tranquilizing flavour with the freshness of mangoes, mango mousse is one of the finest desserts. Ditch away the unhealthy by incorporating the velvety coconut cream in a mélange of ripe mangoes, honey, lemon juice, mint and mango pulp. With all the nutritive values intact, this is a healthy getaway in the scorching heat. Easy to cook and amazing flavours, mango mousse is the perfect summer time dessert to sedate your body.
  • Mango Sorbet: Enjoy the yummy and chilled mango sorbet to soothe yourself and stay fresh this summer. Stacked with vitamins and other nutrients, mangoes are immunity boosters. Mango sorbet is prepared quickly by combining frozen mangoes, lime juice and coconut milk in a blender. The sweetness of mangoes and some lime tang is just perfect for this. Munch on this healthiest desert boasting appetizing flavors and all the natural goodness.

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The delectable fruit is definitely the king of all. With several health benefits and dainty flavours, mangoes are organically packed with all the goodness. So, incorporate this luscious fruit in your diet in multiple ways for best taste and satisfaction.


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