5 tips to keep in mind before you get intimate with your partner for the first time

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5 tips to keep in mind before you get intimate with your partner for the first time

Being sizzling and dirty in the warmth of the sheets is splendid, but fear of catching infection down there is really not! When you are intimating with your partner for the first time you are filled up with lot of thoughts. No matter whatever Google says, as long as you are confident and safe, everything is right! So, step that Google pointers aside because we bring you some real tips to keep in mind before you heading towards your special night.

These few necessary tips will cut out your nervousness while adding up to your personal hygiene. As getting intimidated is a messy affair (listen, the dirtier the better right?!) so everything starts rightly from the hygiene. So, we put tips on proper health and hotter sex together to maintain a sizzling and healthier you!

Stop the process of douching: All those first comers have constantly listened that douching is a part of hygiene and cleaning out the private parts can do wonder to your sexual life. But let us tell you that doctors have agreed that douching can do more harm to your private parts than good. Cleaning out with sharp spray or shower can make your uterus more prone to various types of infections. So, don’t go blindly with what everyone says! Just avoid douching if you want healthier sex. The privates are self-cleaning organ so don’t hamper its process by unnecessary pieces of stuff.

Make soap and water your best friend: Though the market is jam-packed with lots of cleaning stuff and they always try to hard-sell it to you, always keep a note in your mind that nothing can do more wonder to your privates than some lukewarm water and a bar of regular soap. All those who are getting intimate for the first time don’t let these products fool you! Just avoid perfumed gels, cleansers and wipes that can do nothing magical other than damage. Such products can also alter the delicate PH-balance which further can take its roots to allergic reactions.

Don’t ignore the call of nature: No matter how hot things get if you want to pee just don’t embarrass and go ahead! First-timers may feel it humiliate but urination is a process of flushing out bacteria from your bladder and urethra. So, holding your pee while you are having sex can create bacteria in the urinary tract which is not good and can also lead to infections as well. Not only this, it is important to pee after you have sex so that you flush out bacteria that may lead to a Urinary Tract Infection.

Clean up: Always remember that cleaning up your privates after sex is as important as cleaning it up before sex. You can use warm water or a washcloth to clean everything up and to erase the chances of any infections.

Wash Your Hands: Washing your hands both before and after sex is a prerequisite for your health and well-being. Hands and nails carry a lot of germs (you can’t even imagine) which can give you infections while you both touch each other in sensitive places.


So, all those first-timers, don’t just believe what you listen or read on Google. Just stick to real things and be open to ask questions and embrace the awkwardness. Jot down the above-written pointers and swear by it to enjoy the healthy intimate. Don’t forget to share it with others.  


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