Kelsea Ballerini Opens Up About Prioritizing Mental Health & Supporting Fellow Women

By      29-Oct 2020       Reading Time: 4 Mins

Kelsea Ballerini Opens Up About Prioritizing Mental Health & Supporting Fellow Women

Kelsea Ballerini is a 27 years old star artist, who released an album during the corona pandemic and opened up about her mental condition and priority as an attempt to support other women worldwide.

“2020 plans for her career and herself” 

Kelsea had planned to start this year 2020 with a positive note and aimed to work on her career and herself as a human, she was determined to become better. Unknowingly and unfortunately because of the corona pandemic the plans made by her faced massive obstacles and yet she released an album at the beginning of this pandemic. However due to the pandemic, the release didn’t go unaffected and gradually she went through a sad phase following self-shaming, getting mad and angry. However she did have a realization even though she was going through a phase, the realization was that ‘she was not alone’, there were a lot of people who were affected equally or possibly worse. After this realization, she came in contact with “Taylor Swift” the popular artist managed to get a little catapult in her career and simultaneously helped her gain a clear perspective about herself and her career. Even though her audience was not as big as Taylor’s, she realized she still had an audience and started taking her responsibility. This was the turning point of her perspective towards the pandemic and finally started processing her emotions and setting her priorities straight, because she understood that she was in a career in which she wanted to be. 

“Journey of self-realization” 

Continuing talking about her lifestyle, she mentioned that she follows an 80/20 lifestyle, she elaborated that 80 per cent of the time she consumes healthy food and stays fit and conscious about her health, partly the reason being her husband who is vegetarian. However, she also added that the rest 20 per cent got the better of her, even though her diet was in check she felt guilty about that 20 per cent and couldn’t enjoy a glass of wine or some chicken which she likes. She never wants to feel guilty about the things she had and started accepting herself as a human who was doing her dream job. The message being, she learned that it is not worth shaming ourselves for minute things, because it’s our life, and we should enjoy it while staying healthy and concludes that every woman should follow a healthy lifestyle with some breaks to enjoy now and then. Currently, she appointed therapists who help her process her emotions.

Over to you:

There is an important lesson to learn, shaming ourselves leads to no good and takes a toll on our mental health. Leading a healthy lifestyle and setting out priorities straight is necessary to have a stable and balanced lifestyle. Kelsea managed to do so by having self-realization and changing her perspective from negative shaming to processing her emotions. Now she looks forward to her career and makes sure that her audience gets to know about every single wonderful person she meets.


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