Boost your Immune System to Keep Healthy this Winter.

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Boost your Immune System to Keep Healthy this Winter.

With the ongoing winters, most people suffer from flu and cold, some other common complaints are hair fall, dry skin, eczema and arthritis. This happens due to the cold weather and rise in the level of air pollution, which weakens our immunity and further to that increases the chance of falling sick. An easy way to maintain a good and healthy lifestyle is by changing your diet as per the season.

A healthy winter food can keep the body warm, helps in boosting immunity and avoiding all kinds of health and skin-related problems.
There are some important foods that should be a part of your winter diet, they are as follows.

  • ​Pure Ghee
    There’s a very common misconception that ghee adds up fat. Did you know? Pure ghee which is made of cow milk instantly generates energy and heat in our body which keeps us warm especially during winter months. Ghee is considered as a healthy fat and is packed with vitamin K, A, E, Omega 9 and Omega-3 which are essential fatty acids. Just add one tbsp of pure ghee in your everyday diet during winters to get healthy skin and hair.
  • Amla or Indian Gooseberry
    Indian gooseberry or simply amla is packed with Vitamin C, an essential nutrient known for boosting immunity. This tiny citrus fruit contains the maximum amount of vitamin C amidst all vegetables and fruits. They help im cleansing the colon, effective against dandruff and other skincare issues and also removes harmful toxins from our body. Eating one alma in the morning on an empty stomach during winters may help you sail through the cold and harsh weather easily.
  • Peanut chikki
    One of the winter’s special treats is Peanut chikki. A delicious sweet that not only shields us from falling sick but also curbs our craving for desserts. Sesame seeds, peanuts, and jaggery together make a great winter sweet of all time. They provide you with immunity-boosting nutrients like magnesium, zinc and iron and also keeps you full. To savour the chikki, avoid purchasing it from the market. Instead make it at home.
  • Panjiri or ladoo
    Yet another soothing winter food that can boost our immune system and avoid you from flu and cold is panjiri. It is made up of pure ghee, with nuts and seeds, and wheat flour. Panjiri helps in generating heat inside your body and also prevents you from catching a cold. You can also make ladoos made up of sattu and ghee.
  • Jaggery
    What is winter without jaggery? They are commonly known as gur in hindi, jaggery also generates heat in our body. It helps in dilating the blood vessels and also cleanses our lungs. So, swap your refined sugar with jaggery. You can also make ajwain, ginger and jaggery juice if you are sick.

Over to you
These were some immunity boosting foods that will keep you healthy and warm during winters. We hope you have an amazing and fit winter.

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