Know Which One is the Healthiest: Wine v/s Beer

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Know Which One is the Healthiest: Wine v/s Beer

Moderate boozing can provide substantial health benefits. It is the mere matter of what you are choosing and how much you are consuming. If you remain confused about what you should pick between wine and beer to take a break or to enjoy your weekend without packing any unnecessary pounds and health consequences then here is a booze battle that will definitely clear up your mind about which one is the healthier beverage. 


Wine, especially red wine is packed with flavonoids that can help in lowering down the high cholesterol levels and consuming red wine can also benefit cardiovascular health. Blueberries, apples, dark chocolate, and strawberries also contain such health-friendly flavonoids. Wines are generally low in calories as compared to beer. Red wine generally contains 12% to 15% of alcohol while white wine is on average 10% ABV. An average glass of wine provides approximately 125 calories. Consumption of white wine can boost heart health while preventing various types of heart diseases. On the other hand, red wine holds strong antioxidants like resveratrol that can assist in shielding your blood vessels and can reduce the chances of blood clots as well. The antioxidant resveratrol also aids in decreasing the bad cholesterol levels while improving the good cholesterol levels. 


Beer especially craft beer is healthier than the regular beer as it contains a small proportion of nutrients like B vitamins. But beer is high in calories as compared to wine. 4.5% is the ABV for beer. Alcohol is rich in calories and sugars and a pint of beer offers approximately 180 calories that can make you gain weight easily. As beer is prepared from malted barley, it comprises of gluten and consumption of beer can lead to negative health consequences to the people who are gluten intolerance. 

So, wine is healthier as compared to beer. Always choose wine over a beer but keep an eye on the quantities you are consuming. No matter, what alcoholic drink it is, it can negatively impact your body and that is why it is advisable to consume alcoholic beverages in moderation.  


No matter what alcoholic drink you choose, just consume it in moderation to save yourself from thousands of health consequences.

Stay tuned for more health battles!

Until then, Eat Healthily!

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