Wine And Food Pairing

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Wine And Food Pairing

When the weather outside starts being chilly, we all find it the perfect time to pour in wine to sooth and calm down the chills passing through winter frozen bodies. Also, not forgetting wine- the best companion to celebrate festivity, especially when sitting over the day of Christmas with utmost chilly winds!

Perhaps, that’s the best thing any wine lover can come across by this winter time. On top of that, knowing the right combination of wine and food to be paired up is another best thing. Yet there’s an extensive number of people far away from this knowledge. Well, the most important aspect of wine-food pairing is equivalency of the body of the wine with the level of intensity of the flavours of food you are having. Let’s know in little depth of it!

Sneak Peek into Pairing up Wine and Food

Following the right way of pairing up wine and food can accentuate the real essence of a meal, bringing out its certain flavours and nuances enhancing the characteristics of both, food and wine! However, the wrong pairings can probably ruin your dining experience altogether by making foods taste overly sweet, bitter or metallic. Therefore, balance is the chief word when it comes to a perfect wine and food pairing. Neither a wine nor the food should be overpowering each other.

Key Rule To The Wine And Food Pairing

It’s a common practice around to pair up wine with food having similar characteristics. Let’s get into the same for perfect matches.

  • A potent full-bodied wine best pairs with foods having rich flavours. Accordingly, light-bodied wine has to be paired up with light flavoured foods. That’s the foremost key to balancing flavour intensity.
  • Sweet wines like Pinot White Wine, Moscato, Riesling and Sauternes go pretty well with desserts. But it’s always recommended to pair a wine with a food that is sweeter than the wine you are having.
  • Acidic wines like Sauvignon Blanc, Champagne, Sancerre and Vouvray are fairly paired with salty foods (salted chickpeas or salted nuts), fish and cheesy or creamy sauces.
  • Bitter wines like Merlot pairs more with sour food items such as lemon or some fermented dish because sourness in food tends to suppress the bitter taste of wine.


Over to you

So, from next do keep the above-suggested tips in mind while pairing your wine and food. Instead of overindulging in one side of this pairing, first, understand the nature of wine and only then choose the food for best pairing. Have a gala Christmas and happy wine and food pairing!!!

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