The Delightful Festivities of Lohri

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The Delightful Festivities of Lohri

The time of the season to sit together and to de-shell peanuts is here!

Lohri– one of the most popularly celebrated festivals of North India. Well, Lohri is all about praying for wellbeing, performing giddha and bhangra to the beats of dhol and enjoying a scrumptious meal.  The festival is celebrated every year with much zeal. The celebration of the festival marks the end of winter solstice and harvesting of the rabi crops.

Welcoming longer sunny days ahead, people sing Lohri songs as a way to thank the Sun God for providing the heat for the harvests. They also dance to the beats of dhol to spread the joy! It is believed that the fire has the ability to take away all the negativity from our lives, which is why to please the Hindu God of Fire, foods like jaggery, popcorn, sesame seeds and puffed rice are offered.

Lohri special foods

On this auspicious day foods like til (black sesame seeds), gajak, gur (jaggery), peanuts and popcorn are fed to the fire as part of the harvest ritual to thank nature and to welcome the beginning of spring season.

It is believed that these foods help cleanse our system and recharge our energy levels for the New Year.

Food items that can be a part of your Lohri festival menu

Sesame rice or til bhaat is another popular dish served during Lohri followed by the some mentioned below:


Mostly accompanied with lassi, this winter delicacy is an authentic Punjabi dish. It is a vegetarian delight made from nutritious mustard leaves and allows an option to add other green veggies like fenugreek or bathua leaves.

Peanut chikki

Eaten during winters, peanuts though rich in fat but are rich in energy as well and when combined with the health giving jaggery provides more health giving benefits. This combination called chikki can be made healthier by adding til or sesame


This vegan traditional recipe is chapati made from cornmeal, instead of wheat flour. An earthy hearty food enjoyed on winters with sarson da saag is available seasonally. Full of fibre, this is a good choice for diabetics and also those who are bored from regular atta roti.

Til-gur ki gajak

Keeps you healthy during the cold and is available only during winter season. Jaggery helps in digestion and can be consumed in a small amount after dinner. A good dose of calcium, sesame seeds provides warmth to our body and enhances our immunity. 


Hope you have sent your invites for Lohri celebration and stocked yourself up with healthy snacking options!

May the warmth of the sacred bonfire bring health and happiness to you and your families. Enjoy the til barfis and ladoos, just the way they should be eaten, laughingly with no worries! We wish you and your near and dear ones a very happy Lohri!

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