Ginger Milk: The Perfect Superdrink for Winter

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Ginger Milk: The Perfect Superdrink for Winter

Traditionally found in every Indian household, ginger is Extensively used in almost every traditional recipe, this root spice has a pungent taste and a strong aroma that adds flavor to the food. Apart from being a key ingredient in every traditional recipe, ginger also has some properties which help especially in winter such as it help keep the body warm and immune. These properties make ginger an ideal ingredient to be mixed with milk for maximum benefits. Today we’ll look at why ginger milk is so beneficial and how to make it.

How and why to consume ginger milk?
Ginger helps keep your body warm. This makes ginger-milk ideal for the cold winters. Loaded with several essential nutrients, ginger may ward off cold, flu, indigestion, gut-related troubles, and more. ginger has anti-inflammatory properties, similar to “non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs” and is an excellent remedy for flu, headache, and more. It also helps clear mucus, making it ideal to add to your winter diet. All the above-listed benefits of ginger make it the perfect ingredient for any recipe for winters. These are some very common symptoms one may experience during winter and hence drinking ginger milk will introduce all the necessary nutrients which are required to fight these symptoms and ensure a fit and healthy winter. On top of that these drinks are perfectly fit for people who don’t consume tea, you may simply mix ginger with milk and voila your winter Superdrink is ready.

Milk has always been considered a wholesome food for being fortified with almost every essential nutrient, which mixed with ginger’s thermographic and antiviral properties makes it an amazing mixture of nutrients with immunity. alongside the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties ginger also helps in digestion which is very important in winter to provide constant energy to the body.

Ginger-milk is a brew without tea leaves in it. All you need to do is boil water with ginger and some other healthy spices of your choice and drink.
Boil milk with ginger for 4-5 minutes.
Add black pepper, cinnamon, and any other spices you may want to add. After spices switch off the flame.
Let it cool down for 1 minute and add jaggery powder or grated jaggery and mix well.

Voila, your ginger milk is ready.

Over to you.
Winter is here and our body will need nutrients to get us through winter. Luckily we have ginger at our disposal. Packed with nutrients and other helpful properties when mixed with milk and its fortified nutrients make ginger milk the perfect drink for winter. Follow the above-mentioned steps and information to help yourself through winter. Stay safe.

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