While Gyms Reopen, Here are Things to Remember When Wearing A Mask In Gym

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While Gyms Reopen, Here are Things to Remember When Wearing A Mask In Gym

After months of keeping up with the challenges of home workout, unlock 4.O has finally permitted the gyms and fitness centers to re-open. But, visiting the gym won’t anymore be as easy. You’d need to adhere to the list of regulations, while prioritizing your safety at each level. 

According to the World Health Organisation(WHO), wearing a mask while working out can be risky as it will hinder breathing comfortably. But according to the guidelines issued by the Indian government, wearing a mask while hitting the gym is mandatory, no exceptions.  

What are the things to remember while wearing a mask in the gym?

The Do’s:

  • Analyse how do you feel while working out, and take a break if you think you need to catch a breath. Furthermore, cease working out if you experience dizziness. 
  • When you hit the gym for the first time in the new normal, do not give into the excitement. Start slow, and gradually take-off on the intensity, depending upon your comfort. 
  • If you are someone with a pre-existing condition, like a cardiovascular disorder or any breathing problem; consult your doctor first. 
  • Wear a mask that’s comfortable and doesn’t make you feel suffocated. Ensure there’s enough ventilation for the air to pass.
  • Do get multiple masks, and alter it when it gets damp.

The Don’ts:

  • Do not choose a HIIT (High intensity Interval Training) as the supply of oxygen is already obstructed by the mask.
  • Do not entertain the push of completing one more set of an exercise. Remember the mask is on, and catching a breath post that set, will be a tedious task. 
  • The entire purpose of wearing a mask will be defeated if you constantly touch to fix it. Moreover, if at all there’s a need to do so, sanitize without fail.
  • Try to not pull your mask down repeatedly to keep up with the oxygen supply. 


When it comes to the mask, choose the one with polyester/spandex (50%)+ cotton(50%). 

Things to remember, before you hit the gym: 

There are certain rules that you should be mindful about before getting into the gym.

  • Wear a mask. No doubting, no failing. It’s a mandate.
  • Always keep a sanitiser handy and keep sanitising your hand in between workouts.
  • Employ a disinfectant spray to use before and after using any surface. And remember the basics: washing of hands(in-and-out) and keeping six feet or more of distance.
  • Carry your towel and bottle. And disinfect your gym bag once out.
  • Wear disposable gloves that fits you well and discard them properly in a covered bin.

Over to you

Gradually, things are opening up. No doubt there’s excitement, but there’s also fear. If willing to enjoy the services of the gym, your preparedness needs to be on-point. Even if you miss one trail, you stand a chance to be infected and remember, precaution is better than cure. 

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