5 Effects of Distracted Eating

By      26-Feb 2021       Reading Time: 4 Mins

5 Effects of Distracted Eating

While eating a healthy diet is crucial for one’s wellness, it is correspondingly important paying attention to what you are eating and how you are eating. People who gulp down their food are more likely to overeat, not just that, many of us have our meal in a hurry or simply in front of the television or smartphones which majorly affects our eating habits. Many studies have shown that people who focus on their eating habits are more likely to develop a good eating habit such as chewing their food properly, savouring the food taste and mindfully eating.

Our eating habits play a major role in boosting the process of our digestion and also help in absorbing maximum nutrients. Likewise there are habits that can also hinder our digestion and build-up toxins in our body.

Here is 5 effects of distracted eating that one must avoid:

  • Overeating
  • Most of us tend to crave more while watching our favourite TV shows and not caring about what has been served on the plate and how much should be eaten. As a result, we end up eating more than usual which results in many health related issues such as diabetes, heart diseases, weight gain, obesity and so forth. To avoid that, eat mindfully and also at peace.

  • Obesity and increased risk of other health ailments
  • Several studies have shown that eating while watching TV can put you at the risk of obesity, especially in kids. Spending longer hours in front of the television can not only slow down your metabolic rate but also may lead you to accumulation of fats in your lower stomach region, increasing the risk of obesity. So make sure you eat your meals first and then watch your favourite TV.

  • Unhealthy Eating Habits
  • People unintentionally tend to develop unhealthy eating habits when they eat while watching their favourite shows on television or online. They keep on gorging on unhealthy snacks while concentrating on the TV and soon this becomes a habit which might get difficult to avoid later.

  • Indigestion
  • Eating your meal while watching TV can also lead to indigestion. It is a known fact if you eat mindfully and pay attention to what you are eating your body easily digest the food but while you’re distracted it enables you to process how much and what you are eating, this may lead to digestion problems.

  • Lower Metabolism
  • Yet another cause of watching TV while eating is that it lowers your metabolic rate leading to slower fat burn and indigestion. If a person does nothing but sit all day long in front of the TV, they are more likely to have lower metabolism as there are no physical activities involved.

Over to you.
Now that you know that eating while you are distracted have so many devastating effects on your physical and mental health try avoiding it. It’s going to be tough but naturally you will get rid of this lethargic habit and proceed into a much healthier lifestyle.

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