Ministry of Ayush Tweeted That Yoga Can Mean More Energy and Brighter Moods

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Ministry of Ayush Tweeted That Yoga Can Mean More Energy and Brighter Moods

Yoga is one of many exercises we can follow to stay fit and flexible. It comprises a list of light movements done to promote overall stability. It not only focuses on physical flexibility but helps build a strong foundation of mental health. The Ministry of Ayush tweets that yoga can mean more energy and brighter moods, marking the importance of the International Day of Yoga.

Yoga is not only a physical exercise to improve strength and lose weight but it gives you a deeper level of understanding of yourself. It empowers the body, mind, and soul, and makes you stronger physically and emotionally. Yogasanas are exercises of different parts of the body and mind which give you an overall state of well-being and uplift your quality of life.

Yoga Can Mean More Energy and Brighter Moods Because:

  • Yoga helps fight anxiety and depression.
  • It relives energy blockages.
  • It calms and relaxes the mind.
  • Practicing yoga improves our mood.
  • It improves focus and concentration.
  • It can help quiet the mind and eliminate negative thoughts.
  • It promotes good quality sleep and fights insomnia.
  • It boosts memory and keeps the age factor at bay.
  • It increases body awareness and responses.

Yoga helps heal the body and also makes us feel better and love and live better. Every asana is designed in such a way by the ancient gods, that it helps you overcome all problems at one time. Meditation is also a crucial part of yoga practice. It is like food for the mind, it refuels the mind with positive thoughts and a greater understanding of self. It will give your thought process a calmer and positive side, by relaxing the mind. You can practice yoga on your own or have an instructor guide you through the right postures. You must practice yoga on a mat as it provides extra support to the body and prevents any injury during the practice.

Over To You:
Yoga not only promotes flexibility in the body but the mind and soul too. Regular practice will lead you to a better and fitter version of yourself, with the benefits of longevity. Any form of exercise produces ‘happy hormones’ in the body that boosts our energy and give us brighter moods.

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