Hollywood Celebs Jennifer Aniston, Jamie Foxx, Ellen Pompeo and Others Star in Mask Up Campaign to Encourage Face Masks

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Hollywood Celebs Jennifer Aniston, Jamie Foxx, Ellen Pompeo and Others Star in Mask Up Campaign to Encourage Face Masks

The government of New York recently launched a campaign which features famous celebrities known as “mask up America” to spread the importance of masks and to encourage the Americans to wear face masks in public in order to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus.

Various stars like Morgan Freeman, Robert De Niro and Ellen Pompeo joined the campaign to encourage and to tell the crowds about the significance of face masks. The campaign inculcates various short videos which are produced by the CEO of Tribeca films and directed by the Oscar winner Kathryn Bigelow and feature various big stars who talk about the prominence of face masks while going out. Various public service announcements will also get a debut in the campaign. The first two videos have already launched on Thursday and there is a series of others coming soon.

One of the stars said in a statement “wearing a mask is essential for protecting one another from contracting COVID-19.” She further added that this virus can only be combated if all the citizens of the country get united as one. In order to deliver this message to the audience, we are working creatively with the best team and will send the message in various ways.

Various other celebrities have also utilised their social media platforms to deliver the message and to inspire the people to wear the face masks whenever go out. Many celebrities also said that there are only three steps that can make the future brighter and shinier and that is wearing a mask, following social distancing and washing or sanitising the hands frequently. These three simple activities can secure you and reduce the risk of the novel coronavirus.

Building immunity is another step that can not only take you away from the novel coronavirus but also diminish the risk of various other health complications. Doing these simple parts during this pandemic can save you and your loved ones from the virus.

Some statements by celebrities

  • Jennifer Aniston keeps on sharing the importance of masks and a daily reminder to wear face masks on her Instagram portal. She said that she understands masks are inconvenient and uncomfortable but wearing it is way better than to suffer from the virus.
  • “If all of America agreed to wear one of these going into public places, we’d be a little closer to being free to safely go back to places like bars and restaurants and schools and most importantly, movie theatres,” said Pullman. 
  • Lady Gaga said “Be yourself, but wear a mask! I believe in being kind to yourself, the community, and the planet. I challenge my awesome friends to show off their mask game!”


Following the safety measures during the pandemic can reduce the transmission of the virus. Some simple steps of washing hand, wearing a face mask and following social distancing can save the lives of many. Do follow these precautionary measures to save the lives of thousands of people.

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