7 Effective Ways To Prevent Colon Cancer

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7 Effective Ways To Prevent Colon Cancer

Taking the lane of preventions goes a long way in reducing the risk of many diseases like hypertension, obesity, diabetes, and cancers. Though colon cancer has not grabbed much awareness, it is the 3rd most leading cause of death. Risk factors like hereditary and age can’t be staved off. But still, some preventive measures can be taken to lessen the risk of developing colon cancer such as a healthy lifestyle comprises of healthy diet, stable weight, and exercise. Let’s take a deeper look at effective ways to prevent colon cancer.


Here are the 7 ways that should be implementing to reduce the risk of colon cancer.

1. Get yourself screened
Screening is the procedure that looks for signs and symptoms. The test can find the chances of colon or rectal cancer, early treatment can be given to the person if diagnosed. Early treatment will prove to be effective in reducing the extent of cancer. Sometimes there is pre-cancerous (polyps) growth seen in the reports, which then is removed. Talk to your physician about when to perform the test.

2. Food is medicine
Load your food plate with lots of green vegetables, fruits, nuts, and whole grains. They are plant-based and contain a naturally occurring compound in the best form. They have Vitamin, minerals, and antioxidants which proves to be effective in preventing cancer. As they have antioxidative properties. They help in eliminating free radicals from the body.

3. Avoid fried foods
Fried foods are rich in unhealthy fats and therefore can take you towards various health problems including different types of cancers. Avoid fried foods, processed items, red meat, and preservatives rich items. They all seem to increase the risk of colorectal cancer.

4. Alcohol and smoking
Both of these are extremely harmful and should be consumed in a limited manner. Researchers have found that people who tend to smoke are more susceptible to colon cancer than non-smokers. So, try not to smoke.

5. Health weight
Maintaining a healthy weight is a bit of a task, but vital criteria for a healthy life. A healthy weight decreases the risk of developing colon cancer. So, if the BMI is more than 30, then it’s time to cut off some extra fat.

6. Vitamins and minerals
Try to get all the nutrients from a hale and hearty diet. Correct doses of nutrients are extremely vital to decrease the risk of various health ailments. You can add plenty of fruits and veggies and make sure that you never skip a meal.

7. Exercise
It plays a major role in reducing the risk of colon cancer and various other health problems. Choose activities that you enjoy can also boost your mental health. You can add activities like jogging, walking, dancing, gardening, and many more in your routine. Do at least 25-30 minutes of physical activity daily for effective results.

Step up and nourish your body properly to reduce the risk of various types of diseases. Make sure to hydrate yourself rightly and consume wholesome foods on a daily basis to get effective results.

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