Sara Khan Throws Light on Balancing Diet with Cheat Meals with her latest Instagram Post

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Sara Khan Throws Light on Balancing Diet with Cheat Meals with her latest Instagram Post

With each passing day from her debut in Bollywood, Sara Ali Khan has transformed herself precisely and is now turning into a trendsetter. Since her first movie Kedarnath, the actress has become a sensation already but with her forthright attitude, goofy vibe, clear dedication and love for acting and adoration of fitness has turned out her fans crazy about her.

There’s no denying to the fact that Sara Ali Khan inspires her fan base to get that slimmer and toned body. After all, she’s one of those true-blue girls that battle with her overweight and pushed away her PCOD to get the best and fittest version of herself. And now, with her true spirit, she’s encouraging everyone around her to inculcate the same in her lifestyle but by also putting forward a thought ‘that a little cheat every now and then is what everyone needs to motivate themselves’.

Her latest post
There is no secret that this khan loves food, no matter what! And in her latest post, she proved her love for food true. The actress shared a video with her mom and a 3 plate long dosa and also quoted the caption saying “When mommy and I set out to eat, we don’t care about diet-only cheat, eating like this isn’t extraordinary it’s no feat, even food competitors should shut up and give us their seat!” For sure, this foodie Sara Ali khan is extremely excited and can’t wait to binge her much-loved food!

After all, her transformation was difficult and she made fruits her best friend but she also believes a little eating to your favourite food sometime will not affect you but instead soothe your mind and stomach. Sometimes, unhealthy binges can satiate your fullness and prevent you from over-eating as well. You can take out a day in a week and can eat your favourite food (remember to control portion). Yes, fitness goal is everything but if you are a foodie, soothing your taste buds sometimes gives you the best feeling and satisfy you and make you even stronger towards your goal.

Benefits of cheating when on a healthy diet
Basically, eating what your heart desires for just a day (with controlling portions) devoted to cheating increase the production of leptin (a peptide hormone that consists of amino acid chains and is secreted by the body’s fat cells and helps in controlling the hunger while giving the feeling of satiety) that further helps in boosting the metabolism. And when you get back to the healthy regime, this will help in burning more calories. Eating whatever you like sometimes, can boost your body’s metabolism by more than 3-10%, but it might differ for everyone depending on lifestyle factors.

Well, Sara’s weight loss journey is commendable and praiseworthy. But a little affection towards your favourite food and having a cheat day will definitely help in achieving your goals easily. Let’s take some inspiration from her newly Instagram cheat meal post while being focused towards the health goal!

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