Stroke In Young Adults: A Rising Problem And How To Prevent This

By      28-Mar 2022       Reading Time: 4 Mins

Stroke In Young Adults: A Rising Problem And How To Prevent This

A stroke is a sudden emergency where the brain cells begin to die and functioning stops. They occur when the brain tissues can’t get enough oxygen and nutrients due to interruption or reduction in the blood supply to the brain. Symptoms of stroke are numbness in the body, like trouble in walking, speaking, understanding, vision problems, and dizziness. There are three types of strokes, ischemic, hemorrhagic, and transient ischemic attack, which is called a mini-stroke or warning.

Strokes have been very prevalent in young adults nowadays. Firstly, by young adults we mean the population falling in the age of 18 to 24. We can consider stroke as a rising problem as about 10 to 15% of people get this. The prominent cause of brain strokes is a bad lifestyle. A lifestyle that includes smoking, alcohol, processed fats, high blood pressure, diabetes and excludes disease management, exercise, good diet, healthy habits.

The young generation is carefree enough to let any disease harm them at such an early age. This is a scare also because the risk factors can be highly prevented at a young age as compared to older ages. The modifiable habits once formed can contribute greatly to strokes. And once the stroke is encountered they would face death or they would be stuck in lifetime medication, care and prevention.

How To Prevent A Stroke:

  • Most importantly, eat a healthy diet. A diet consisting of balanced meals with all the required nutrients and a good amount of healthy fats can go a long way. Consume loads of fruits and vegetables, healthy fats like unsaturated fats (olive oil, walnuts, etc.) and avoid processed foods, especially with a high amount of salt and sugar.
  • Exercise regularly for at least 30 minutes to maintain a healthy weight as weight is a risk factor for many potential diseases.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol as they increase the risk of getting a stroke, significantly. They can trigger an irregular heartbeat and make it difficult for the blood and oxygen to reach the brain.
  • Check for any underlying diseases or conditions like diabetes, hypertension, etc. that further increases the risk of developing a stroke.

Treatment of a stroke can include medication that restores blood flow and minimizes brain damage or even surgeries if there is a clot. Lifestyle modification can alter bodily functions and prevent later strokes.

Adequate treatment, control of risk factors, and a healthy lifestyle can all contribute to the prevention of a stroke in such early years. Make good habits your lifestyle and don’t let them develop into a pattern of compulsion and helplessness.

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