Make way for Healthy Easter Treats

By      12-Apr 2020       Reading Time: 5 Mins

Make way for Healthy Easter Treats

Can you think of Easter without indulging in all that creamy and chocolate filled candies and sweets? Of course, not! No festival is complete without the yummy and mouth-watering food and delicacies. Fortunately, now you can cook those Easter delicacies with the same taste but with a twist of heart health nutrients. Store-bought foods are rich in fats and sugar and can make you sick while adding up to your weight so say bye-bye to them and cook these yummy and fresh Easter treats. All you have to do is just swap the ingredients with the healthier ones and you are all set to slay the health and taste buds all together. Store-bought creamy eggs? Oh, just forget it! Give a toss to these recipes in your home and make your Easter hale and hearty with the zest of flavours and spices.

  • Easter nutty pudding: This creamy pudding is everything you need during the festival of Easter. The creamy texture of it is mouth-watering and the addition of nuts in it makes it healthy while adding a different and crunchy taste to it. The goodness of nuts enriches it with healthy nutrients and different tastes. All you have to do is just swap your refined sugar to coconut sugar and heavy cream to plain yoghurt or low-fat milk and you are all set to elevate the taste but with the punch of good health.
  • Stuffed eggs: Easter can never be completed without eggs! These easy to cook stuffed eggs are not only mouth-watering but also add up to health. Eggs are filled with great nutrients and when it is combined with the cottage cheese it can provide a soothing and different taste to the buds with the brownie point of low calories and good health. Just use Greek yoghurt instead of any cream and use olive oil to make the stuffing for the eggs and enjoy the good health with different yet appetizing taste.
  • Potato dumpling: These potato dumplings can make your menu look great and outshine your health like nothing else. What’s more? They are healthy and are heaven for all those potato lovers out there! The addition of eggs, herbs and spices gives it a creamy texture with a unique taste. You can consume it without thinking about weight gain. Just remember to not to use any heavy cream to garnish it (instead use the freshly chopped coriander and squeeze some lemon juice to enhance its taste). This dish contains a great number of nutrients that make you hale and hearty.
  • Raspberry mocktail: What more refreshing than mocktails? This mocktail consists of the fresh raspberries which can equally invigorate your vibes while giving you the perfect punch of nutrients. If you are throwing a party then make this recipe your welcome drink and enrich your guests with the nourishment and good health.

Over to you
Add these foods to your Easter menu and enhance the taste and health of your family and friends. Don’t forget to share this article with your loved ones and do let us know about your favourite Easter recipe?

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