A To Z of Health – “A” is to Accept who you are

By      15-Jan 2020       Reading Time: 4 Mins

A To Z of Health – “A” is to Accept who you are

“Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.” –Kurt Cobain

Unwillingness, flaws, or failures should not describe you. Your love life is a mess? Or are you financially weak? Whatever the reason might be, it should not make you hate yourself or come in the way of self-acceptance.

So, What is Self Acceptance?

Just steal a small moment from your life and question yourself “do you love you the way you are?” Maybe, you get an answer of ‘no’. Self-acceptance sounds like it is an easy enough thing.  But a lot of people are switching to a different version of themselves, different from who they truly are or what they want to be. Accepting yourself as the way you are is quite relaxing and it is like that thin needle that can easily overcome and solve multiple issues in life related to self-esteem and body shaming while building your confidence and reincarnating into a new you.  

Some of us might love scrolling down Instagram but do you know what it can do to your mind? Social media can create much pressure in the mind to live a life that isn’t even ours! Scrolling and reading the extensive connectivity that social media brings can easily fool us.

Accepting and value all parts of us will add up to our happiness quotient and well-being.

Some ways to feel more positive about yourself

  • Postpositive affirmations around your mirror like “I can do it”, “It’s a good day”. Habitually repeating such affirmations can help build your self-confidence.
  • Focus less on social media and more on yourself. The digital media shows you the best of other people’s lives where they carefully hide their flaws. Don’t be fooled by it. 
  • Make pointers of all the things you love about yourself. Read and re-read that again till you feel you have it in you.
  • Don’t feel bad if you fail. Take learnings from your failure and don’t be afraid of trying again.
  • Focus much on your strength and self-worth. You don’t have to be perfect, but you can strive to be the best version of yourself. Never compare your life to that of others.
  • Focus on your health and well-being by eating healthy, exercising and focusing on mental health.


Next time, you feel your confidence levels are shaking, just make notes on how wonderful you are and stick to the above-written pointers and slay the game of self-acceptance.

Love yourself and flaunt your confidence! Stay tuned to the next article of the series. 

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