Autism Health – Improving Mental Health with Autistic young adults

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Autism Health – Improving Mental Health with Autistic young adults

Autism is also known as autism spectrum disorder (ASD). It is a condition that includes neurodevelopmental problems which basically are problems in dealing with communication and behavior. Symptoms for this disorder various a lot, it can be a just minor problem or it can become a disability that needs full-time care. People with this disorder often are very restrictive, repetitive with things they do. They have few of the stereotyped behaviors or maybe they have specific pattern of any behavior. As per Center for Disease control and Prevention- “Autism occurs more often in men than in women”.

Cause of Autism-
Most of the researches state that there is no single cause for the development of Autism within an individual but some of the risk factors that can contribute in development of this disability are –

  • Transferred from immediate family member which is Autistic.
  • Genetic mutations or Genetic disorders.
  • Age of parents is old for bearing a child.
  • Low birth weight during the time of birth.
  • Metabolic imbalances.
  • Exposure to environmental toxins or Heavy metals.
  • Exposure of fetus to the medications like valporic acid(depakene) or thalidomide (thalomid)

Symptoms of Autism-
Symptoms for Autism usually are clearly evident during early childhood phase which is from 12 to 24 months of age. But there are instances that these symptoms develop a little earlier or later in few cases.

Symptoms of Autism are broadly categorized in two categories which are Problems with communication and social interaction and Restricted or repetitive patterns of behavior or activity.

Problems with communication and social interaction includes –

  • Difficulties in sharing emotions, interests or problem in maintaining back and forth conversation.
  • Issues with nonverbal communication like trouble in maintaining eye contact or problem in reading body language.
  • Problems in developing and maintaining relationships.

Restricted or repetitive patterns of behavior or activity includes–

  • Repetitive movements, motion or speaking patterns.
  • Specific or fixed routines or behaviors.
  • Inappropriate reaction to a specific situation or scenario.
  • Fixed interests or preoccupations.

Adult autism –
People dealing with autism undergo many problems in their life. Their families or near ones are always concerned about that how will they survive since most of the Autistic people require continued aid or specific interventions thought their lives. Still there are few of those Autistic adults who head out towards the outer world to live and work independently for a living. These kind of people are the ones who have applied few of the measures from their birth itself to improve their mental health status and thereby become self-sufficient in their later life. Few of those tips are-

  • Therapies or other treatments should start during the early life itself, since it can help an autistic person to lead a more independent and better quality of life.
  • Family members and near and dear ones should be very patient yet empathic while dealing with autistic members.
  • There are instances within which the diagnosis of this disability is much later in life due to lack of awareness for the same, thus awareness campaigns and secessions should be promoted.
  • Autistic person should stay away for artificial additives, preservatives, colors or sweeteners rather fresh fruits, vegetables, whole cereals and pulses should be consumed.
  • Autistic people should always drink lots of water or fluids within their diet.
  • Any kind of physical activity that such people enjoy should always be promoted for their overall wellbeing.

Over to you:
Dealing with Autism is not an easy job but it can be managed by putting in some extra efforts, by being patient and empathic with the Autistic person for their wellbeing.

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