Six Reasons Why You are Not Losing Weight

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Six Reasons Why You are Not Losing Weight

Losing weight is a tricky task. With thousands of guides, information and guides available on weight loss, it becomes quite difficult to figure out what approach to follow. Weight loss depends on a lot of factors like genetics, sleeping/eating habits, lifestyle and blindly following the fad diets or skipping meals can only hamper your weight loss goals while taking you close to various health ailments. If you have tried everything and still remain unsuccessful in making a shift to your weight loss numbers, then these might be the reasons.

  • You might be loading too many calories: In order to lose weight, you have to consume fewer calories than you burn. This is known as the calorie deficit. Consuming calories in surplus can only act like fat in the body. And therefore, tracking the calories you intake in order to lose weight is the key. Always keep a tab on the calories you intake and the physical activities you do in a day.
  • You are not focussing on portion sizes: When it comes to losing weight, maintaining portion sizes play a huge role. Consuming small 5-6 meals in a day at frequent intervals is a good approach towards losing weight healthily. Consuming big meals or indulging in overeating can easily hamper your digestion while making you pack more pounds and hence it is extremely important to take care of your portion sizes. Also, smaller meals at frequent intervals will help in keeping your hunger pangs at bay which save you from packing any unnecessary calories.
  • You are skipping meals and then doing overeating: In order to consume lesser calories, a lot of people start skipping meals which further lead to overeating. Food deprivation can easily backfire which can easily hamper your weight loss goals and can take you close to various health ailments. Instead of cutting the food from the diet, try to take smaller 5-6 meals in a day.
  • You are not consuming enough water: Water plays a vital role in losing weight. Consuming water helps in boosting metabolism while subduing the appetite which further reduces your cravings and thus helps in losing weight. You can also consume 2 cups of water before your meals to suppress your appetite. Also, consuming 2.5-3 litres of water in a day is a must.
  • You are sitting all-day: Sitting all day is itself a barrier of weight loss. Not utilizing much energy in moving can ultimately lead to weight gain. There’s a huge difference between being sedentary and being physically inactive. Walk a mile after your meals, indulge yourself in physical activities, stand and walk from your chair as much as you can to get effective results.
  • You are eating mindlessly: Mindless eating is one of the major barricades of weight loss. Distracted eating or binge eating while scrolling or watching TV or laptop screens easily leads to missed cues of hunger which leads to overeating and increase your weight. And hence it is advisable to not indulge yourself in distracted eating.

Above written are the few common roadblocks that might hamper your weight loss goals. Keep these in mind while trying to lose weight. Speak to a health professional if you have tried everything and still not getting results.

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