Gul Panag Performing Push-Ups in Saree- Know What Keeps her Going

By      09-Dec 2020       Reading Time: 4 Mins

Gul Panag Performing Push-Ups in Saree- Know What Keeps her Going

Push-ups are unarguably one of the best bodyweight exercises to get leaner, stronger, and healthier. This compound exercise incorporates multiple muscle groups thus giving an overall development of muscles and overall utilization of a lot of muscles. Gul Panag is an Indian actress, voice actress, and former beauty queen. No wonder she is going to keep her body in check. Recently she uploaded an Instagram post of her doing push-ups in Saree. This shows her go-to exercise no matter what or where.

Push-ups, really that good?
Push-ups are a compound exercise that involves multiple muscle groups thus proving the exercise to be one of the best compound exercises for targeting multiple muscles. Push-ups can also be tweaked depending upon the one doing it, you can do more number, add some weights on your back or even try different types of push-ups thus proving it to be a versatile exercise with endless development. Push-ups are unarguably the best muscles developing exercise not only due to their versatility but also because you don’t need any equipment, to begin with. Due to these reasons, Bollywood actress Gul Panag claims that after she started doing push-ups she feels healthier, stronger, and leaner. Push-ups take your body to another level by making you sweat and your muscles fatigue proving it to be a great exercise for fat loss as well, as it incorporates the movement of multiple muscles thus requiring more and more energy as the number of push-ups increases.

Gul Panag doing push-ups in Saree
The patal Lok actress has been motivating her audience since the dawn of the corona pandemic and quarantine by uploading her fitness routines on Instagram, like doing exercises, carrying her son her back, and going up and down on stairs and other home exercises everyone can do. She is a fitness enthusiast and has progressed her fitness journey to another level. She was on the set shooting for a trailer in a saree and that’s when the photo was taken of her doing pushups with a caption suggesting that whenever she gets time to do pushups she will with hashtags suggesting the same.

Over to you
Push-ups are unarguably one of the best bodyweight exercises. It incorporates multiple muscle groups and is also versatile making it the perfect exercise to start and end with. Indian actress Gul Panag while shooting for a trailer in a brown saree was doing push-ups on set and captured a photo which she later uploaded on Instagram with the caption indicating doing push-ups whenever she can with the hashtags indicating the same. She gives push ups her priority and claims that due to this exercise she is now fitter, healthier, and leaner.

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