Gorge on these 7 Navratri Foods in a Healthy Ways

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Gorge on these 7 Navratri Foods in a Healthy Ways

Navratri is the most awaited time of the year. During these nine days, people cook a variety of foods with lots of enthusiasm. As the market is flooded with plenty of different flours and foods, it becomes difficult to tame the cravings and we often end up gorging on fried and oily foods. How about cooking the most common food items of Navratri with a dash of health? Right from makhana, Kuttu, kheer to sabudana- here, we bring you a list of 7 Navratri foods with a twist of health.

  • Roasted makhanas: Having them roasted is the best way to control your hunger pangs in the evening. All that you need to do is- put some ghee in a heavy-bottomed pan, add the makhanas, little rock salt and black pepper. Roast them until lightly brown and crunchy. Instead of having something fried or too high in sugar, consume fox nuts. They will keep you full for a longer period of time without causing any harm to your health.
  • Banana walnut blend: This rich and sweet banana walnut blend is made with banana, yoghurt, jaggery and a dash of cardamom. You can make this restaurant-style drink at home and enjoy your Navratri fast to the fullest. Just make sure that your bananas are completely ripe to get a more fruitful flavour. Add all the ingredients, grind it well and serve fresh to get maximum nutrients.
  • Coconut milk fruit custard: This is healthy and a lighter version of normal fruit custard. All that you need to do is- make some home-made, fresh coconut milk by adding soft dates for sweetness, cut fruits of your choice (good combinations include apple, pears, pomegranate, and banana), also mash a banana for thickness, add some Kesar, and cardamom powder, chia seeds(let them soak for 15-20 minutes before consumption), and voilà. The right fruit combination will be easy to digest and immensely flavourful. Alternatively, you can make a smoothie out of it.
  • Sabudana khichdi: Sabudana again is a potent source of potassium that helps in keeping your blood sugar levels stable. It also promotes healthy blood flow and lowers down the strain on your heart. Since it is low in cholesterol and high in protein, it can be guilt-free. You can make sabudana and peanut khichdi in ghee for a healthy, filling snack option.
  • Apple Rabri: To make apple rabri, you will need 4 apples, 1-litre milk, 6 tablespoons of jaggery powder, dry fruits of your choice, saffron, and cardamom powder. In a heavy bottom pan, add milk and let it boil until half. Wash the apples, grate them and add them to the milk along with jaggery. Make sure the flame is on medium. Next, add any dry fruit of your choice- almonds, cashew nuts, pistachios, or raisins. Add saffron and the cardamom powder to the rabri, stir it well and switch the flame off.
  • Kuttu ka dosa: Kuttu dosa is another delicious delicacy that you can consume during Navratri without compromising your health and taste buds. It is low in oil and easy to prepare and comes with a perfect crisp. You can use potato and paneer for its filling and serve it with a homemade dip to relish the taste.
  • Makhana dry fruit milkshake: This protein-rich makhana milkshake is yet another way of feeding your hunger. It’s nutrient-dense and flavourful. To make this, all you have to do is blend honey, milk and nuts together and it’s ready. It will keep you satiated for a longer time.


Enjoying the delicacies of Navratri is a must because you simply shouldn’t compromise on your wish to have them. But, not at the cost of your health! Substitute the unhealthy ways of consuming these foods with these above-written healthier ones.

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