5 Golden Rules for Healthy Living

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5 Golden Rules for Healthy Living

It is a most common belief that less is always more- especially when it is a matter of eating for a healthy living. No, we are not talking about eating less food but we are expressing about fewer complications. Different eating patterns, different types of food and a lot of information on Google can sometimes lead to confusion about what to do and what not to do for a healthy living.

Some people perceive healthy living only restricted to balance eating with food that is bland and non-appetizing! But that’s not true. We are here to burn this bubble of thought about healthy living by giving you some golden rules about it. Let’s fail to recall prejudice and pre-conceived philosophies and emphasis some golden rulebooks for healthy living. Obviously, eating healthy food is a prerequisite for staying fit and healthy. But there are many more as well that can take you through the lane of happiness and healthiness. Here are 5 golden rules you can swear by on a regular basis to stay healthy and fit.

  • Food should be joyous and not stressful: Some people believe that eating a well-balanced diet is the only way to live healthily but let us tell you that this is not true. Your healthiness not only depends on what you chose to eat but also abided by how you enjoy it. You should not restrict yourself to healthy food for the sake of good health. (Say, don’t bother to force yourself to eat kale if you hate it!). So, always decide to eat foods which you can enjoy too. If good and healthy food is stressing you out and causing you anxiety, then you should just consider it as an invalid plan for you.
  • Hydration is the key: Proper hydration is a guide to everything. You often listen to it that drinking water can resolve everything. Yes, it’s true drinking enough water a day is a fundamental factor for proper well-being and an excellent state of health. Water not only flushes out your metabolic waste but also help you to get rid of negative thoughts. So, don’t forget to add water to your routine and gulp down your negative vibes with that bottle of water.
  • The green patch is always a good idea: Yes, eating a plate full of plants is always an effective way to live healthily but there is something which is more calm and serene- ‘planting a lot of plants. We already told you that healthy living is not only restricted to healthy eating. So, here comes our new pointer to live healthy and stress-free. The green patch in your house not only makes you happy and healthy but also de-stress your mind in no time. Planting has a plethora of health benefits. It can easily make you positive and relax and even reduce the risk of various diseases as well.
  • Welcome good fats in your diet: It is a preconceived notion that eating fat is bad for health. Just think once! There are different types of fats and adding good fats to your diet can never have a devastating impact on your body. It will give you energy and guide your mind towards proper functioning. Omega 3s and 6 are extremely important for a body and they can prevent you from various diseases as well. Add vegetable oil, nuts and seeds, fatty fish to your diet as these foods are rich in unsaturated fats and lead you towards healthy living.
  • Say a big hi-hi to exercise regimen: Healthy eating plan. Done! Hydration levels. Checked! But without a healthy exercise regimen, everything is worthless. Healthy living is a mixture of many factors and exercise is one such thing that is pivotal in making you happy and healthy from within and outside. So, be active in the fitness routine and make a plan for it and consistently follow it.


So, we have jotted down some pointers that will definitely lead you towards a decent, happy and healthy life. Tell us in the comment section below what you do to live a healthy and well-balanced life.

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