Post-Wedding Blues: Here’s How to Handle

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Post-Wedding Blues: Here’s How to Handle

After all the wedding madness, fun, and preparations come monotonous days when life is not that exciting anymore. That’s when Post-wedding blues hit you hard!
Post-wedding blues is that feeling of melancholy after days of the wedding celebration. It is that sinking-in of the feeling that the wedding is over now and marriage has begun. It is very common than you can imagine and many new brides around the world (and sometimes their grooms, too) feel it. We have prepared a list of how you can handle your post-wedding blues effectively.

  • Its okay to process your feelings: Marriage is a huge change especially for women because many of them have to leave the comfort of their house and begin life anew with another family. This major development can leave them nostalgic. Additionally, they may also miss their families. During this transition phase, mixed feelings can take over, and experts say it is important to process these feelings rather than ignore them. Start your new life with a bit of positivity and good vibes.
  • Understand the difference between wedding and marriage: It’s fabulous to celebrate a wedding and to make it a wonderful event. But think about what married life will mean to you, what your expectations are as a couple for your lifestyles, and focus on making that complete shift in your perspective. Think about how you are going to plan trips together, manage your own house, and do all the other things together. Post-wedding can be fun too if you make things exciting and meaningful too.
  • Mark each day with excitement: Some people think that the wedding and honeymoon were the only exciting things, and that real life is going to get monotonous eventually. But, it doesn’t have to! You can create a spark in your life by planning romantic dinners, weekend getaways, late-night movies, or doing absolutely anything that both of you love and enjoy.
  • Spend time with your partner: You are newly wedded and it is the best time to strengthen your bond with your spouse even if you know each other for years. Work on redefining your relationship at this time. Don’t forget that this is an adjustment period for them, too. So, find the intimacy and comfort and beat the post-wedding blues manageably.
  • Go for counselling: If things go out of hand and you are finding it difficult to beat post-marriage blues, consult a good relationship expert or counsellor. Do not shy away from them as they are experts in this job. Be comfortable and share your feelings and experiences with them so that they can help you build a happy and long-lasting marriage.

Over to you:

We understand that the transition phase from wedding to marriage can be overwhelming and exciting too. It is important to process all your feelings, spend time with your new family, and try to give yourself some time. After all, it’s all place for you! Consult a relationship expert if post-wedding blues are over the top for you.

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