The Grocery Essentials you Must Keep Handy

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The Grocery Essentials you Must Keep Handy

Whether you just moved in to a new place or like the current situation, you are stuck in lockdown, few grocery essentials are must to have in the store. Preparing a grocery list could be a challenge, especially if you live away from home or your mom is not around. For keeping yourself fit and safe, storing and consuming healthy foods is important.  Talking about the present scenario, this clearly means not hoarding extra food item or not panic buying the grocery essentials in advance. 

Here is a list of items that grocery essentials will include:


  • Dairy and eggs


Milk, cottage cheese, curd are the basic fillers required with every meal. While eggs being versatile could be a part of your breakfast in the form of sunny side up or scrambled ones, soy milk or almond milk could help you add flavour to your monotonous breakfast.  


  • Oil and fat


Nearly from making anything to everything, fat and oil is the basic item you require. Opt for olive oil, and whether making paranthas, tikkis, chillas or cake, you’ll definitely need a helping hand from butter or oil. 


  • Grains and bread


Bread could help you in making easy sandwiches and adds fiber to your diet. Whole meal and whole grains actually make the grocery list complete. Cereals and grains like rice, wheat and millets are our staple food and considered inevitable part of Indian meal.


  • Condiments


Salt, sugar, black pepper, herbs and spices are another group of food items that we cannot miss if we want to have a decent flavoured meal. A bit of these ingredients make your food extra delicious and you can add them as per you choices, likes and preferences.


  • Fresh fruits and veggies


Examples could be onion, garlic, potato, tomato, bananas, oranges and others. We all use onion in almost every next homemade dish and couldn’t miss the flavour of onion. You can store few of them in a cool, dry place and fruits contain a host of fiber, vitamins and minerals and you cannot miss it for maintaining a healthy immune system. Greens should be bought and used within one to two days and add as many colors of fresh produce as you can.


  • Dried Produce


Filling up on essential protein sources like pulses and legumes is also significant and more important if you are vegan or vegetarian. Kidney beans, black eyed beans, horsegram, chickpeas and yellow and few other regular pulses could help you in storing some essential nutrients in your body. 


  • Meat and fish 

It is something we won’t recommend storing or using the ones which are already stored for days. Consume lean meat and fish and choose to buy fresh, which means buying on the same day when you want to cook.

Over to you

You may think everybody’s choices would vary and that grocery essentials could be different for different people according to their need but the fact is the basic grocery required by all of us are the same.


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