Effective Skin Care Hacks for Travellers

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Effective Skin Care Hacks for Travellers

A healthy skin is surely a happy skin, but frequent travelling can take a serious toll on the glow and health of your skin. Your skincare can usually take a back seat while you are on a trip. You might be exposed to different weather conditions and changes in your regular routine. All of this can give rise to tired-looking, lifeless skin which surely no one wants. Fret not ! Here are the best travel-friendly skin care hacks that are easy to accommodate in your busy traveling routine:

  1. Wash your face every night, no matter what

If you are tired from a long day of your journey, washing your face every night is important to keep it clean from all the dirt and grime that sits on your face during traveling. As the pollutants in the air will make the face look dull and can lose all its sheen. So, even if you feel exhausted from your long day journey, make sure you do a cleanup of your face and gently pat it dry after washing your face with a natural and mild cleanser.

  1. Moisturize well for hydrating your skin

Our skin generally tends to lose moisture after long hours of journey. So, it is very important to keep the skin locked with a moisturizer that it requires every day. Apply a gentle serum or a DIY moisturizer using aloe vera gel and coconut oil onto your skin so that the skin will not become drier, flaky and rough.

  1. SPF is your best friend

While you are traveling you must protect yourself from harmful UV rays that can damage the skin and lead to sunspots, wrinkles, fine lines, and sun tanning. To prevent yourself from skin damage you should apply a good SPF (Sun Protection Factor) based sunscreen lotion religiously on your face and neck even when you are not in the sun and also wear a hat or protective clothing wherever possible.

  1. Face  Wipes

Always carry a rinse-free face wipe along with you while you are on a trip as it’s a great alternative for liquid face wash. These travel-friendly face wipes help keep your face squeaky clean if you are exposed to dust and pollution in the atmosphere. Gently wipe all your face with a natural face wipe for refreshing skin. It’ s is alo an effective way to remove makeup.

  1. Keep it Simple and hustle-free

According to your skin requirements try only those products which you feel comfortable with, instead of trying new products. Simplify your luggage space with a gentle and natural cleanser, moisturizer and an SPF protected sunscreen when traveling. A time saving hack- carry a moisturizer that has protective spf in it for a 2-in-1 advantage.

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Additionally, you can also carry some travel-friendly sheet masks which will also provide a bonus for your skin. While traveling you should drink lots of water and eat fruits and veggies in order to restore the healthy shine and glow of your skin. Taking proper care of your skin can make your travel enjoyable and delightful.

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