Here’s how you can fight symptoms of seasonal allergies.

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Here’s how you can fight symptoms of seasonal allergies.

Seasonal allergies are quite common and have some common symptoms which we can prevent or control. Seasonal allergies can bring troubles and discomforts and that is why it is extremely important to look out for its symptoms and completely treat it. Some common factors which may lead to cold, cough and common discomforts could be pest allergens, pet allergens, dust, pollution, and even a decrease in temperature. Hence preventing any of the following will help you cope with your allergies. We are aware of the fact that symptoms and diseases are countered by our immune system, hence in case of a weak immune system, the person is more vulnerable to allergies and visible symptoms. 


How can we fight these allergies? 


  • First and foremost it is important to keep our immune system strong. A weak immune system is responsible for the allergies to produce its symptoms in our body. Leading a healthy lifestyle, consuming an adequate amount of green vegetables, incorporating vitamin C rich foods in your diet, consuming home-made kadhas while decreasing the consumption of fast foods are some ways to improve your immune system. 


  • Consulting your doctor/paediatrician is always a safe bet to gain knowledge of how your body is functioning and check for deficiencies. Regular visits to your doctor will give you information on how to make your body’s immune system better. 


  • If you are diagnosed with any disease that requires you to use your inhaler or any other nebulizer then make sure you don’t cease to use them. What might happen is that when you don’t take your course you may feel discomfort which may later be the cause of enhanced symptoms from your allergies. 


  • Another common allergen is dust, keeping your house clean and dust-free means that you’ll be inhaling fewer dust particles, and hence symptoms like cough and throat discomfort can be prevented. 


  • Add pine nuts and fennel seeds in your diet as both of these are quite beneficial in preventing the allergies. You can also consume pine nut oil or consume fennel concoction for effective results. 


Over to you:


Season changes may invite some symptoms related to allergies, the most common ones include cough, cold, throat discomfort, etc. We can control and even prevent these symptoms which may arise due to pest allergens, pet allergens, and even a decrease in temperature. It is important to note that the main factor in preventing these symptoms is our immune system, the stronger the system the greater the resistance. We should develop a strong immune system by leading a healthy lifestyle and consuming adequate green vegetables. Stay safe, stay healthy. 


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