Never Mix these Foods with Alcohol

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Never Mix these Foods with Alcohol

Alcohol has become a synonym of weekend gatherings for many people. Some see it as an escape through problems, some see it as a source of happiness, some drink it to celebrate and some do under peer pressure in the society. Alcohol has its pros and cons but one should always take care of foods that they are having with alcohol. Some foods might backfire and make a person feel nauseated and some foods might trigger the level of endorphins and make people feel higher. It is always advised to hydrate and eat well before the session of drinking as it will help you cope up with the hangover and also alcohol leads a person to feel dehydrated after a point of time. Now as we talk about what foods should not be mixed with alcohol, here is a list of them which are as follows:
Dairy products: Alcohol and dairy products don’t go well together as milk and milk-based products coat the stomach and prevent some of the chemical reaction which results in irritation of the liver while drinking alcohol.

Spicy Foods: Consuming spicy foods when drinking alcohol may lead to heartburn as spicy foods are acidic and when having with alcohol may provoke acid reflux. Till the time you want to steer clear of any problem and enjoy your drink, avoid having spicy foods.

Fish: Fish, be it in the form of anything- sushi, salmon, tuna may look like a healthy option but it may make you feel sick because of the soy sauce it’s dipped in which is salty, which will speed up your dehydration level and lead onto a bad hangover with worsening headaches.

Sugary products: Sugar causes the release of serotonin and dopamine in the brain and alcohol does the same thing but mixing both of them may make you go crazy. Having sugary things with alcohol will make you want more of alcohol than water which will lead to over drinking and then feeling nauseated.
Drinking alcohol with foods that makes you uncomfortable is not only bad for you but your health as well. Our body tends to respond to the problems later when drunk because in that state of drunkenness, one cannot understand what is happening and may make the situation worse.

Over to You

As we love having some snacks with alcohol, one should opt for nuts and avoid the foods listed above to have a great time without throwing up or going out of limits. Trigger foods should be avoided as nobody knows what the after-effects might be.

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