Kriti Sanon Says Consistency Is The Key As She Sends Monday Motivation Through Her Latest Post

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Kriti Sanon Says Consistency Is The Key As She Sends Monday Motivation Through Her Latest Post

On some odd days, we fall prey to our lethargy and have thought of skipping our workout, and that deed continues for days and weeks. But keeping up with the routine and maintaining consistency is the way that leads us to success, be it in professional or personal life. Adapting a routine and following it consistently with all your heart and hard work will lead you to your goals. Whereas, inconsistency will make you run after discouragement and disappointment, as you won’t be able to see the desired results.

Kriti Sanon, a B-town star who is often seen working out very religiously, has been applauded for her weight gain and reduction for her different and demanding roles. She undergoes intense training and fitness routine for the characters she plays in movies and misses to motivate her followers too. She also engages herself in strength training, weight training, and cardio very often, keeping her body needs in mind, but never misses a good workout session.

The actor definitely motivates her fans to work out each day, every day by posting videos of her working out. And she says consistency is the key as she sends Monday motivation through her latest post. She is doing weight training in the gym with her gym instructor in the video she posted on Instagram, and it was definitely a killer workout.

What Can Consistency Do To Your Body:

  • It builds your clarity and focus.
  • Keeps you motivated.
  • Shows result faster, and that too satisfying.
  • It develops discipline and teaches you self-control.
  • It boosts your confidence and helps motivate others too.

If you feel bored or exhausted by the routine you follow, you must change it. Follow something that makes you get up from your chair or bed and start working out. You can also try different exercises like strength training on some days, weight training, and cardio on others. There is a varied range of exercises to achieve your strength training goal like pilates, boxing, power yoga, etc. But remember, the body can get confused by the constant change in routine, so it is always better to designate days for certain exercises and be consistent with your schedule. No matter what the exercise type is, just showing up for the workout session each day will bring long-lasting results.

Over To You:
Consistency will never disappoint you as variation would do. Sticking to a definite routine will make your habits and good habits last forever, as they say! Take the example of Kriti Sanon and start following a routine, with utmost dedication and consistency, now.

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