Fact v/s Fiction: Aging and Exercise

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Fact v/s Fiction: Aging and Exercise

You have heard a lot of time from your parents that their age of exercising has gone or if they start exercising their body gets swelled and they have to suffer from various types of pains. But let us burst those thoughts of fiction and tell you that fitness is timeless.

Fitness and physical exercises are linked with each other no matter what the age is! Exercising at an older age is very important and it can make a significant difference in making a person feel stronger and eliminate the pain with time from the body. Not abided by this, exercising during older age makes you healthier from inside as well by lowering down your numbers of weight, cholesterol, or blood pressure levels.  

So, if your loved ones are filled with these bogus philosophies related to ageing and exercise? Give a quick read to these facts, so that you can take care of your health.

  • I am very old: Oldies normally think that they are weak and exercising can make them even weaker which further increase the risk of various diseases. But not doing exercising is a riskier thing and can even speed up the process of ageing. People who are not involved in any exercising programme are more prone to develop various types of diseases and it increase the count of visits to the doctor as well. If you want to start you can add low-intensity aerobic exercises in your lifestyle.
  • I will hurt myself: Old people are always worried about the injuries they can get from exercising. But if you are doing it within limits then everything is fine. All you have to do is start with moderate intensity exercises and talk to your trainer about what activities you can do and which ones to avoid in order to save yourself from injuries. You can add yoga and tai chi fitness programme rather than weight lifting.
  • My heart isn’t strong enough: Exercises with moderate or slow intensity won’t hurt your heart and when done regularly it can even strengthen your heart like nothing else. Forget about that weight lifting and gymming machines and go for a brisk walk. This helps you in regulating your blood circulation which is great for your overall well-being.
  • I don’t have anyone to exercise with: Depending on someone is not something you should rely on! Still, you feel like having someone to accompany you- you can ask your partner to join you in the walking or gardening club. This will boost your mood and motivate you and you will start enjoying your activities more!


So, forget about that ageing factor and incorporate some exercises in your lifestyle to enhance your health and well-being. Nothing can do wonders on your health like exercising. Share our article with your friends and family who are living in a world of myths about ageing and exercising.

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