How Your Posture Affects Your Personality & Ways to Fix Bad Posture

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How Your Posture Affects Your Personality & Ways to Fix Bad Posture

Between sitting on a couch and Netflix marathons, we often hamper our relationship with the postural muscles quite often in a day. A poor posture not only leads to various health complications in the body but also affect your personality and confidence. Sitting or standing without paying heed towards your posture can easily hamper your postural muscles while taking you close to wear, tear and chronic pain. Not abided to this, a poor posture can easily affect your self-esteem by making you feel left out, less talkative, more introverted and exhausted. Your posture can impact your mental and physical health while affecting your attitude, level of confidence and communication.

How exactly you hold your body will tell a lot more about you than your words. A good body posture is a clear cut sign of confidence and self-respect. Straight posture defines that you are active and interested in while depicting your attentiveness in the conversation whereas slouching signposts no interest, inactive attitude and a lack of self-esteem and therefore fixing bad posture is a must. Here we bring you some ways that will definitely assist you in fixing the bad posture.

  • Don’t be a slouch: Sitting, standing in a drooping way cannot do any good to your posture and instead it will put stress on your spine which further tenses your bones, muscles, and joints. In order to fix a bad posture, it is extremely important to pay heed to your backbone. Make sure that you hold your backbone straight whenever you are sitting, standing or sleeping. Hitting the right way even when you are sleeping is great to maintain a good posture.
  • Straighten up: One of the great ways to fix posture problems is standing up straight. If you are involved in a 9 to 5 job then make sure that you don’t stick to the chair and make time to stand up straight.
  • Stretching is always a good idea: Always on your phone or TV or laptop all day long? Make some time to stretch out your neck, shoulders and back. Stretching is a great way to relive the tensions you’re your muscles. It helps in maintaining posture while making your muscles more flexible. Head tilt, shoulder rotation, butterfly stretch, neck rotation are all great stretches to fix bad posture.
  • Exercise is what you always need: Exercise is always one of the best ways to maintain a good posture. Exercise helps in strengthening your weak muscles, helps in maintain an ideal weight while supporting your spine. Make sure that you devote at least 30-45 minutes of your day to a well-designed workout programme.

Getting that ideal posture cannot be attained by a quick fix. Proper uniformity, attentiveness and commitment are a must for this. Try out the above-written ways in order to fix bad posture.

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