How Poor Posture Can Affect Your Overall Health

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How Poor Posture Can Affect Your Overall Health

Poor posture can do a lot of harm to your body while taking you closer to various aches, pain and discomforts. Bad posture not only affects your personality but it also takes you closer to various health ailments. From a sedentary lifestyle to lack of attentiveness towards the accurate posture- there could be plenty of reasons for poor posture. Improving your posture is extremely important to get rid of the various health complications and it requires proper care.

Here are some ways why you should definitely maintain a good posture:

  • Back pain: Back pain is one of the common disadvantages of poor posture and it can further lead to various complications if not treated properly. Bad posture leads to disc degeneration which is the main cause of back pains, aches and discomforts. When your posture is bad you put your major bodyweight on your spine and it can lead to chronic pain in the back, neck and shoulder.
  • Digestive glitches: Poor posture can effortlessly squeeze your abdominal structures and your digestive tract which can affect your metabolism and can affect your digestion with time. It can further lead to constipation, bloating, and other digestive problems as well. Bad lifestyle, desk job, no physical activities can all lead to bad posture.
  • Stress and headaches: Poor posture can lead to both mental and physical stress by affecting your natural alignment. Physical stress like head pains, stress and low mood are the common side effects of poor posture. Moreover, various studies said that bad posture can easily put you in depression and fear while lowering down your self-confidence.  You can move your body in every 20 minutes to treat bad posture as a static position for a long time can lead to discomforts and bad posture permanently.
  • Poor circulation in the body: A daily sedentary routine can lead to poor posture and can worsen the circulation of blood in the body. Poor circulation of blood in the body can further lead to various health complications like heart diseases, high cholesterol levels, poor digestion and many more. Movement of the body is extremely important to get the good circulation of blood in the body and to keep the risk of various diseases at bay.
  • Tiredness and sleep disorders: When your posture is poor, you feel tiredness more often and it can further impact your energy levels and can also create sleep disorders as well. Poor posture changes your alignment and can hamper your sleeping position which can lead to sleep issues.


Poor posture can destroy your health in various ways. Always be mindful of your posture and try to incorporate 30 minutes of physical exercises in your routine to keep yourself happy and healthy while staying away from bad posture.

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