Exercises to Help Extend your life Expectancy

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Exercises to Help Extend your life Expectancy

It is a well-known fact that exercise helps in extending life. It will make you fit and healthy while keeping you away from various diseases. It cuts down your risk of cancer, decreases the odds of heart disease, strokes, Type-2 diabetes and even the probabilities of early death by up to 30%. Not only this, consistently involving in some sort of physical exercises on a regular basis will help your mind to stay happy and stress-free and also take your mind towards the path of positivity. Exercise helps in producing the feel-good hormones (endorphins) in the body which further boosts your mood, decreases the chances of depression and take you towards the lane of a long life with.

There is no doubt that exercises are one of the most beneficial forms of extending life expectancy. It can do much more than just keeping you happy and healthy. We have jotted down a list of some exercises that will help you in making the inner you happy and healthy. So, take your diary and write these exercises and make a plan to incorporate it in your daily schedule. Here are some of the best workouts that help you in saving your life. Let’s get started.

Running: Just lace up your running shoes without even giving a second thought to it. Running helps in losing your weight and makes you fit and fine. It not only lower down your risk of heart diseases, strokes and cancers but also make your mind de-stress in no time. Various researches suggest that adding running to your regular schedule will make your life longer by reducing the risk of diseases and making you strong and energetic. Start from 15 minutes five times a day and then further increase the time and speed. Few minutes a day will definitely increase major years of your life.

Boxing: Martial arts and boxing will expand your stamina, reflexes, strength, balance, and focus and make your body toned and sensuous. Apart from this, boxing can make your life extended by adding several years to your life. Boxing requires a lot of efforts and energy and hence it is considered as one of the strength-giving exercises. It will make you great abs and can make your muscles strong and resilient.

Swimming: Various researches said that people who are actively involved in swimming have a 28% lower risk of early deaths and a 41% lower hazard of stroke or heart diseases. Not only this, swimming had various endless benefits. It boosts the circulation of blood in the body, strengthened muscles, and promotes better sleep. Swimming is considered as the high-energy workout which is considered as great for both the body and mind. Swimming is a very smart activity and adding this kind of activity to your lifestyle will give you a longer life. Be it butterfly or freestyle, every style of swimming is extremely beneficial for your overall body and life.

Yoga: Yoga is one of the well-known forms of exercise for thousands of years. Not only it makes the body flexible and smooth but it also improves the strength and posture of the body. Yoga can extend your life while reducing the risk of various heart diseases, such as cholesterol, and blood pressure. Add different types of yoga postures in your daily life to get effective results.

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