Put On Your Walking Shoes

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Put On Your Walking Shoes

Taking a break from everyday life is extremely important for the health and mental well-being. Vacations have an ability to break the stress cycle. We emerge for a successful vacation feeling ready to take on the world again. We get to relax with our families and friends, gain perspective on the problems and get a break from our usual routines. Now that the summer season is upon us, vacations are a must!

A vacation offers a chance for the body to turn off the stress systems, to recuperate and to repair. Stress puts a strain on the body and puts it at risk of ill health. Although we need some periods of stress in lives but it’s also important to know where to draw the line and how to take time out. Perhaps, people on holiday/vacation feel healthier, happier and have few physical complaints.

A walking vacation is a perfect way for those who do not participate in any other exercise and want to improve the health and well-being. Walking or walk for health, even if done in short bursts during the day, can gradually start to benefit both, the mind and the body.

So, vacations can be made more enjoyable by choosing to walk for various reasons:

Walking is very Affordable: Because using one’s own two feet instead of hiring a car or catching a coach or train, walking holidays are far less expensive than many other forms of travel.

Eco-Friendly: Walking is friendly to the environment without any carbon emissions. And as walking trails are much thinner than motorways or roads, walking leaves a much smaller ecological footprint.

Soul Filling And Spirit Inspiring: Walking take the travellers slowly and leisurely take in nature’s beauty and are filled with a spiritual sense of awe.

Great Way To Meet New People: Joining a walking tour is a great opportunity to meet fellow travellers. For many, travelling alone is an exciting adventure with a great sense of freedom. Also, it can be the adventure into the unknown place while making new connections with culture and people around.

Feeling Of Accomplishment: Walking provides a personal sense of achievement when one has arrived his/her destination much more pronounced than any sense of achievement an individual get from car or rail trip or cruise.

Walk For Health

Thus, walking is free to do and easy to fit into daily routine. Also, there are various walking benefits to all people at all age levels. Walking is a form of aerobic exercise that helps to reduce fats, tone and firm.Walking is a great way to improve or maintain the overall health such as heart, eases joint pains, ups our energy levels, make us creative and helps boost much needed vitamin-D supplies simply because of the natural light outside.

It also has a fantastic effect on the mental health. Being outside and getting the blood pumping triggers the release of endorphins which are ‘feel good’ hormones and add to the greater sense of calm and well-being.

Further, food is the secret to an individual’s energy- an important aspect for everybody. Since, food and fitness go hand in hand. Healthy eating is what fitness is all about. An unbalanced diet or one deficient in essential nutrients will make an individual feel weak, lethargic and reduce the performance to below par especially while walking. So, always carry some fruits, nuts, natural energy drinks to keep up with the pace of walking/ roaming. Above all, drink plenty of water to keep the body hydrated as water helps to move the nutrients throughout the body and flush out the toxins.

Over to You

So, whatever an individual try/do to improve the lifestyle, start with a simple walk everyday or choose to walk when on vacation and notice the immediate benefits to the body and mind.


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