Working Women and Anxiety- Is there a Link?

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Working Women and Anxiety- Is there a Link?

Anxiety has become a major issue in the recent past. It is said that working women are most likely to suffer from anxiety and recently the issue has become a matter of rising concern. Working women are most prone to anxiety and one of the major reasons for this is a mismanaged work-life. Supposedly every one in five women suffer from some form of anxiety and said that anxiety is one of the significant barriers to achieve success in the workplace. 

How can you define Anxiety?

The literal meaning of the term is defined as a mood of relentless worries, uneasiness or feeling uncomfortable and tensed about something and ends up overthinking about the future outcome. Levels of anxiety should be properly taken care of because even a little disproportionate can be transformed into a medical disorder. There are different types of anxiety disorder one can be for a short period of time but can bring uneasiness and discomfort with it, also known as an acute anxiety disorder. There can be brief or impulsive stints of anxiety which is known as panic attacks. There is one enormous type of anxiety that is known as General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) – the anxiety disorder in this type becomes chronic and can even lead to long-lasting health consequences. 

The reason why women are suffering from high rates of anxiety?

Today, almost every second women are really trying hard to work and enlarge their segment of lives by inculcating career in their lifestyle while also playing the role of foremost caretaker of the family. All of this is really tiring, challenging and straining for women which sometimes lead to several anxiety disorders. Inadequate separation of work both at home and in the workplace leaves women (especially the mothers of young children) with complex levels of stress and anxiety. 

Not abided to the society or workplace, due to the difference in the brain’s biochemistry and hormonal fluctuations- women also experience more anxiety than men. Due to loads of work pressure and inability to cope up with the stress women develop deep anxiety levels as well. Mentally negotiations with a lot of situations like low chances of career progression, reduced job security are some of the significant reasons that can lead to the path of anxiety. 

Levels of stress and anxiety in work-from-home women employees

There are various benefits of work from home options as it gives Flexi hours and has proven really beneficial due to its benefits of saving commuting time and money. But it comes with a various set of cons like- 

  1. Working from home can lead to burnout, breakdown or exhaustion because you are away from a regular time-bound schedule of the office. 
  2. There are a lot of distractions while working from home which can increase the hours of work and can take you off the track which leads to more stress and anxiety.
  3. Work from home comes with an unhealthy lifestyle. You might not have an ergonomic chair at home and end up sitting at a place that is not comfortable and make your neck and lower back feel issues. 
  4. Work from home also makes your mind up for binge eating and consuming unhealthy food that adds up to various health problems. 

What can you do?

Due to the increased anxiety taking a step ahead for remedies is urgent and important. There is an important need to introduce changes in the cultural environment and the ways in which women deal with stress. Practising self-care is extremely important and can help in combat various types of stress, worries and anxiety. 

 We will come up with how to beat the stress and anxiety in our next blog. Stay tuned and don’t forget to share. 


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