Is there a Link between Playing Golf & Longevity? Read Out

By      20-Feb 2020       Reading Time: 4 Mins

Is there a Link between Playing Golf & Longevity? Read Out

Golf is a game which is played in the fields where the golfer tries and hit the ball into the hole on the ground by using different types of golf clubs(instruments). Golf is a sport which doesn’t require a lot of exercise while playing but more of walking; it has been linked with strong balance, muscular strength and function. One of the doctors said that golf can help prevent and treat more than 40 major chronic diseases such as heart attacks, stroke, diabetes, breast cancer and colon cancer. Golf is generally considered to be as one of the reason for longevity linking to it as follows:

  • Physical activity: Playing golf requires a lot of physical activity as the golfer takes 12000 or maybe upwards, steps per round. Golf is different from other sports as it is not tiring but refreshing for one to stick to it for a long time. Anyone can play this game be it of age 4 or 104, golf is an easy and beneficial sport.
  •  Protective factor against the lower risk of mortality: According to the preliminary research, playing golf at least once a month can lower adults’ risk of premature death. There are findings related to golf which says that low-intensity activities have a lower risk of mortality. It is shown that golfers have 40% fewer chances of mortality than non-golfers. 
  • Stress-relieving: Golf is played out in the fields, which is a less polluted environment and good for social interaction as well. It helps in reducing the risk of depression and anxiety which helps in improving self-esteem, self-worth and wellness. It is one of the most relaxing sports you’ll come across. Exposure to fresh air and sun also helps boost Vitamin-D levels which help in proper working of the body. 

Physical inactivity kills millions of people and golf is considered one of the greatest forms of physical activity. It is a sport which keeps people stick to it for a long time due to its social nature and controlled pace. Even the elderly person can play golf as long as they are fit, it will keep them more fit for their age. Studies show that if a person does 30 minutes of light exercise, it may lead to less mortality. No one is ever older to start with anything and golf is a sport for everyone.

Over to You

If something easy like golf can increase your life expectancy than there is no reason to ignore such a sport which won’t even take away your energy but give you a better and the healthy life in return. There is no excuse worth giving when it comes to playing golf, the most beneficial and the easiest sport among all. Get your clubs now and start playing because it’s never too late. Golf well! 


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