5 Lifestyle Habits For Better Sleep

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5 Lifestyle Habits For Better Sleep

Sleep is the sweetest time of the day. It is a time to relax, to unwind, to let your body restore, and then restart the next morning. It’s the time your body repairs the damaged cells. The secret to a happy, healthy, and positive life is often just an 8-hour sleep! People do it for glowing skin, the “beauty sleep” really helps your skin to rejuvenate at night and soak in all that you have provided it with. But apart from that, it can boost immunity, lose weight, boost metabolism, and make you fall sick less often.

Sometimes, it is a task to get your perfect good night’s sleep due to the not-so-healthy lifestyle habits.

Here Are Some Lifestyle Habits For Better Sleep:

  • What To Eat And What To Not- good nutrition is what makes the body healthy internally. What goes inside can influence your behavior and lifestyle. Eating a clean and balanced diet will help fall asleep faster as compared to junk food. Having an early dinner will also help in proper digestion and good sleep quality.
  • Unhealthy food can cause inflammation and irritation in your gut which causes gut problems and leads to an improper sleep schedule. Avoid having junk food, fried food, sugary and caffeinated drinks after 6 pm to help the body digest your food properly.
  • Exercise, Always!- exercise uplifts the overall quality of life. The endorphins released will give you a feeling of happiness and satisfaction. The energy expenditure during any physical activity will make go crawl back to bed at night and increase the quality of sleep. Exercise regularly for at least 30 mins and avoid doing it 1 to 2 hours before bed because that will induce endorphins, making it difficult for the body to sleep.
  • Swear By Meditation- meditation is important for the brain and for good mental health. It brings peace, positivity, calmness and eventually a restful sleep. Practice at least 10 minutes of meditation everyday, even before going to sleep, it will help eliminate the stress and help you sleep peacefully like a baby.
  • Just A Good Sleep Schedule- maintaining a sleep schedule or a bedtime routine will tell the brain that it’s time to sleep. A good skincare, gratitude, meditation, warm shower, warmer lights, comfortable clothes and most importantly, no distractions! T.V., smartphone, laptop or any kind of electronic device can distract the mind. You can try reading a book or practicing some relaxing yoga poses for a better sleep.
  • Short Naps Go A Long Way- Going about your day can make you crave for a nap. Napping is good only if it is short and timely. Long naps can make it difficult to fall asleep at night. A nap of less than 30 minutes can relax the mind, body and increase productivity.

Quantity and quality of sleep is very essential for your body and mind. Practice these lifestyle habits for the perfect ‘beauty sleep’.

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