Beat Weight Loss Plateau With These Effective Tips

By      14-Oct 2020       Reading Time: 5 Mins

Beat Weight Loss Plateau With These Effective Tips

The demotivation after reaching the weight loss plateau can make you give up on your diet and workout regimen. But before you do that, it’s important to understand that it is a part of the progress. This stall happens because the body is extremely adaptable. So, you will usually stop dropping pounds after your body has adjusted to the lower calorie routine, and now requires less fuel than it did before. However, there are few simple ways in which you can tackle, and push past this weight loss lull and nudge the scale in the right direction. Read on to find out more on this. 

Follow the progressive overload principle. 



The progressive overload principle can help in improving your muscle strength, endurance, and size continuously. So say for an instance, you have been doing 15 reps* 3 sets push-ups regularly, for a certain period of time. You will notice your chest and biceps getting into shape. But, there will come a point wherein they won’t grow stronger. At this point, you will have to either increase the number of reps or include weight to your regimen. By doing so, your muscles will not only build better but also you will get off the weight loss plateau. 

Get enough sleep. 



A sound sleep is important for good mental, physical, and emotional health. If you do not have a proper sleep cycle, you might end up gaining weight by lowering your metabolic rate and altering hormone levels to drive appetite and fat storage. It can in fact be a substantial cause of stalled weight loss. It is important that your muscles and immunity system gets proper rest and time to recover. Ensure that you aren’t working out at least once a week, and when you are unwell. Because doing so can alter or slow down your progress. 

Re-analyse your diet. 



In order to make progressions in your fitness journey, having a balanced intake of fats, protein, carbs, fresh fruits and vegetables are utmost important. You can think of including more protein, as it keeps you satisfied for a longer period of time. Have a nourishing meal to fuel your body and see progress.

Avoid alcohol. 



Alcohol can sabotage your weight loss efforts because it loosens inhibitions, which can in turn lead you to overeat or make wrong food choices. Moreover, alcohol is empty calories that suppress fat burning and may lead to belly fat accumulation. 

Think of activities outside the gym. 



Having some outdoor activities other than your gymming session is a great way to deal with the weight loss plateau. You can go out to play football, badminton, squash, or any other outdoor game, running, dancing, or cycling. This will not only make you feel better but also refreshed hence, dealing with your stress, another important reason to have the stall. 

Over to you. 

To walk out of the stall, you need to shake things up in your regimen a little. Include more reps or weights, work on the intensity of the workout, re-analyse your diet, sleeping patterns, munching habits, stress levels, and if you are having enough rest. All these tips will help you boost your efforts and keep you on track with your goals.

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