Winter Update: Get the Silky Strong Hair with these Moisture Packed Ingredients

By      20-Nov 2020       Reading Time: 6 Mins

Winter Update: Get the Silky Strong Hair with these Moisture Packed Ingredients

Everybody loves to have hair through which your hand can pass smoothly, the feeling itself is great. Silky and soft hairs are desired by many and that’s why today we look at some ingredients which might help you get them. Not only this, these moisture packed ingredients will make your hair stronger and shinier while bidding adieu to winter woes. All you have to do is just take out some time and swear by these ingredients to get instant results. Here are some great and natural ingredients to silky and smooth hair. 


Coconut oil: Not only a natural electrolyte for your health but also an excellent oil choice in winter for your hair strength and not to mention its natural conditioning properties for good texture. It has a wonderful beauty treatment that re-hydrates and quenches the body’s natural moisture. It helps in boosting metabolism and also aids digestion. 


Shea butter: Winter is the time when you really have to take special care of yourself because the cold weather can lead to excessive dryness, which further damages the skin and cracked heels and lips. So to keep your skin moisturized and healthy use shea butter. And if you have a dry scalp problem, Shea butter ought to do the job of locking and providing some moisture to your hair so that it doesn’t get dry. 


Jojoba extract: It ain’t just an average facial oil the benefits of jojoba oil extend to the lips, hair, nails, skin, and more. Basically, jojoba oil makes a wonderful addition to any part of your beauty routine because it’s extremely nourishing and hydrating. Also an excellent choice for providing moisture to your damaged ends and dry scalp, all naturally. 


Vegetable glycerin: The important thing in winter to look out for is moisture because our scalp and hair often tend to get dry and vegetable glycerin’s main property is locking moisture thus making it the better choice. 


Aloe Vera: Our hair consists of minute root follicles and it is important to keep them in check, enzymes present in aloe Vera do just that. They help stimulate hair growth and provide strength simultaneously. 


Extra Virgin olive oil: The best healthy and natural oil known for mostly cooking but what most people don’t know is its skin and hair benefits. Dry hair could often lead to frizzy and rough hair as well, that’s where olive steps in, providing the silky smooth texture and hair growth you want. 


Castor seed oil: Alongside moisture check, it is also important to keep your scalp clean, castor seed oil has antifungal properties that will ensure your scalp doesn’t get infected. 


Honey: Honey has numerous benefits that can help us keep our skin and body healthy during the harsh winter months. It has antibacterial properties making it another good option for a clean scalp. It also boosts our immune system and makes it even stronger. 


Avocado: Avocados are a unique fruit. It is high in healthy fats and is incredibly nutritious. You can’t use the nutrients you eat unless your body puts them to work and is completely able to absorb them. Avocados help with this part. Packed with vitamin A, D, K, and E, avocado is an excellent choice for nurturing your hair strength. Studies show that people who eat avocados tend to be healthier.


Tea tree oil: Green tea is an essential oil that can be used for many purposes, including nails, hair, and skin healthy. It is relatively cheap and safe when used as directed. It can also work as a natural hand sanitiser that way it will kill germs that are responsible for flu, colds and other illness. Now that you got the moisture and strength, go for the silky texture with tea tree oil


Over to you: 

Winter is here and so the battle for silky smooth hair. Moisture loss, frizzy, dry hair are some problems you may face if you don’t take good care of your hair. With all these above written natural ingredients you can take excellent care of your hair and get that strong, silky and smooth hair you always desire. 

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