Throwback to Healthy Dessert Recipes of 2019

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Throwback to Healthy Dessert Recipes of 2019

Deserts are soothing and luscious! Skipping deserts thinking about the negative calories and weight gain is not cool and can even make you restless sometimes. We bring you some of the throwbacks of yummiest deserts of the previous year that too with the endless nutrients that will add up to your health as well.

So, now forget about the weight gain and soothe your taste buds with this equally healthy and appetizing list of deserts.

Cranberry tart: If you too are a sweet tooth, then this can one of the healthiest and luscious choice for you. These Cranberry tarts include ingredients that are prosperous for your well-being without the calorie gain. The best part about cooking it is- it can be prepared in just a few minutes. So, indulge in this sweet indulgence and satisfy your sweet cravings without worrying much about your weight gain. Add this in your menu and make your guests happier and healthy with every bite of it.

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Ragi sheera: This type of dessert is perfect for your health and well-being. Ragi sheera explained a lot about Indian culture and is considered as the most loved dish in Gujarat. This desert includes various nuts which give it a unique and different flavour. It is rich in colour and is filled with wholesome of nutrients. The fancy decoration of nuts above it will enhance its quality and the density of nutrients. When it is flavoured with cardamom, it becomes a flawless way to fulfil your sweet cravings without adding up to your weight.

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Blueberry squares: You have heard of many recipes but this one will definitely blow your heart away. This recipe is as sweet as chocolate and as advantageous as fruits. The punch of blueberry in it gives it a perfect and delicious taste. You can cook it in fewer minutes and consume it at any time of the day. You can give it a bakery like taste by adding some nuts in it. So, give a shot to this tasty yet healthy recipe at the comfort of your home and enjoy the goodness of hale and hearty nutrients.

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Banana avocado mousse: Did you ever heard of this type of combo? We bet you do not hear about this type of recipe before! This banana avocado mousse is equally healthy and tasty that is filled with the goodness of different types of nutrients. If you are crazy about sweets then this recipe has all the qualities to become your favourite. With the perfect crunch of nuts, it will you a soothing and calming taste and makes you enrich with a great dose of nutrients. So, add this recipe in your list to get ample of benefits.

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Raw apple crumble: This recipe is truly luscious and gives you utmost benefits as it is rich in raw apples and nuts. Its crispy crumble is heavenly and give you endless nutrients with every bite. It can easily be prepared in no time and give you very fewer calories. Just cook it and it in your menu and it will make its way to your guests’ mouth by itself due to its fancy appearance and mouth-watering flavour.

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Deserts are the soul of food. We have listed down some of the best deserts above that can give you heavenly taste with the brownie point of good health and well-being. Just add these deserts in your menu and make you and your loved ones healthier.


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