It’s a Spring Thing – 7 Fruits and Vegetables that are in this season

By      30-Mar 2021       Reading Time: 5 Mins

It’s a Spring Thing – 7 Fruits and Vegetables that are in this season

Are you completely bored of those root vegetables and winter squashes? Well, fret not! Spring is almost here and so do the colourful fruits and vegetables. Spring’s arrival not only brings the brink of sunlight and vibrant flowers but also introduces bright, colourful, flavour and nutrient-packed produce that can easily freshen up your meals while enriching you with a variety of nutrients. Here are 7 fruits and vegetables that are in this season and can revive you like nothing else.

  • Spring onions: The long green stems with a round white bulb not only look amazing but it tastes delicious as well. Spring onions offer a wide variety of dietary fibre and vitamins A and B6, thiamine, folate and minerals and adding it to your diet can help in reducing blood sugar levels, aids digestion while preventing cold and flu. Relish the goodness of heart-healthy nutrients in the form of salads or toss them into your omelette or sprinkle it over your soups.
  • Strawberries: The juicy reddish lip strainers are in this season. These bright red and juicy strawberries are filled with Vitamin C, manganese, folate, potassium and antioxidants and can benefit your health like no other. From maintaining good heart health to control your blood sugar levels- strawberries can provide plenty of health benefits. Relish that sweet, tart taste by blending it in smoothies, salads, or sugar-free cakes.
  • Asparagus: These green stalks are loaded with fibre, folate, potassium, vitamin A and other heart-healthy nutrients. Asparagus is extremely low in calories and hence helps in keeping you feel fuller while maintaining an ideal weight. These greens are a versatile choice to get plenty of health benefits. Steamed, roasted or grilled- these green stalks taste delicious in every form.
  • Radish: This incredible low-calorie vegetable is available at any time of the year but the season of spring brings the most delicate texture and flavour into them. Radishes are high in potassium, folate, vitamin K, magnesium, calcium and other plenty of nutrients that can easily boost your health. Enjoy it raw or add it over your toast or salads!
  • Turnips: Turnips offers an incredible nutritional profile. This vegetable is low in calories and offers plenty of vitamins and minerals that can boost your overall health and well-being. Baked, raw, steamed or mixed into a salad- you can enjoy this vegetable in various forms.
  • Cauliflower: This vegetable offers a great quantity of vitamin C, K, B6 and other essential nutrients that can support a healthy heart, immune system and promote brain function. Plant compound known as sulforaphane is found in cauliflower which makes it an incredible health-friendly vegetable.
  • Grapefruit: Grapefruit is famous for its incredible nutritional profile. Right from high quantities of Vitamin C, A to potassium to other vital nutrients- grapefruit offers a perfect blend of vital nutrients that aid in weight loss, improve health, boost immunity and promote satiety. Toss it in your salads or blend it in smoothies.

Add the above-mentioned fresh and colourful fruits and veggies to your diet to get the healthy refreshing punch of varied nutrients during this season. Don’t forget to let us know which one is your favourite!

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