Let’s Feed a Happy Gut- Tips & Tricks

By      15-Jan 2020       Reading Time: 4 Mins

Let’s Feed a Happy Gut- Tips & Tricks

There are a wide number of microbes found in our guts and small and tiny microbes play a significant role in making you happy and healthy.

To make yourself healthy you should start making your way from your tummy. Whatever you eat or drink everything affects your stomach and sometimes excessive consumption of packaged and processed foods can make your stomach unhappy which lowers down your overall energy levels while leaving you distress. Today, we bring you some of the tips and tricks that help you in stocking up the happy gut while ensuring the healthy inner you.

Increase the intake of your fibre: Fibre is one such eminent thing that is really important to make your stomach happy and healthy. Fibre can smoothen your bowel function which gives your skin a healthy glow and can protect you from various diseases like constipation as well. So, make sure you add dietary fibre in your diet. Various foods like fruits, whole grains, vegetables, nuts and many other foods are rich in fibre which is extremely good for your stomach and overall health.

Avoid antibiotics and non-essential medicines: One of the great ways to make your gut healthy by avoiding antibiotics and medicines. Unnecessary consumption of antibiotics can easily destroy the good microbes in your gut and it won’t be recovered easily as well. Antibiotics are not good for health and can also take you towards the various health problems like obesity and allergies. Various common medicines like paracetamol and different types of antacids can also make your health suffer by making your digestive tract weak and nullifying your energy levels.

Eat as many types of fruit and veggies as possible: Fruits and vegetables are the souls of a healthy body. Fruits and veggies are packed with endless nutrients and give your body proper nutrients and instant energy whenever you need. Consuming the correct quantity of fruits and vegetables per day is extremely important in order to get the maximum benefits. You should definitely consume 5 servings of fruits and vegetables on a regular basis to enhance the nutritional quality of it. You can add pomegranate, apples, oranges, beetroot, carrots and many other seasonal fruits you love to eat.

Water is the permanent solution: No, this doesn’t look as simple as it sounds! Drinking 6-7 glasses of water per day can help you in segregating out the toxins from your body while making your overall body glow and shine like nothing else. Consuming enough water is a vital component for great gut health. The proper consumption of water plays an important role to digest the food properly.

Over to you

These are some of the great ways to make your gut happy and healthy. Just make some lifestyle and diet changes and see the magic on your stomach and overall health. If you are suffering from stomach issues then don’t stress out too much and seek advice from a doctor as soon as possible.

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