5 Tricolour food idea to celebrate Republic Day

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5 Tricolour food idea to celebrate Republic Day

India celebrates its 72th Republic Day on January 26th, 2021. The day is marked as the event of India becoming a democratic republic. Republic Day is a national holiday and hence, is a day when family and friends gather together at home to watch the parade and celebrate the day by hoisting tricolour flags in offices and schools.

The tricolour combination can also be accomplished in dishes by either adding food colouring or simply adding natural ingredients of the three colours while preparing the dish. With the occasion of Republic Day , we have prepared for you our patriotic list of 5 dishes that you can make to celebrate this holiday – read on to find out our recipes for Republic Day!

  • Tri Colour Pasta
    This recipe is made with the help of white penne pasta along with broccoli and carrots, making the three colours of the Indian flag. This tricolour pasta is aesthetically pleasing and will surely fill you up as well.
  • Tricolore Salad
    If you are a health freak, you are definitely going to simply love this salad recipe and why not! It is both nutritious and filling. This tricolour salad is super easy-to-make and is made up of cucumbers, green papaya, carrots, and mint leaves and served with honey and spicy vinegar dressing, this tricolour salad is surely a delight for you on Republic Day.
  • Tiranga Lasagna
    Yet another delicious Italian import is the lasagna that can be easily dressed in the colours of patriotism, using spinach leaves for green colour, tomato for orange colour, and mozzarella or parmesan cheese for the white colour.
  • Tri colour Chicken Dumplings
    Who doesn’t love dumplings- they please almost everybody. This recipe uses the paste of carrot and spinach mixed in wheat flour dough to achieve the tricolour look. The filling is made from minced and spiced chicken.
  • Tri colour Fruit Jelly
    We have made this thai fruit jelly by using three colours of the Indian flag, which makes it a stunning dessert, perfect for Republic Day. This recipe is made from coconut milk, kiwi puree, and orange juice and flavoured with kaffir lime, this jelly recipe is an instant favourite of the kids.

Over To You
Try these tricolour recipes to delight your loved ones this Republic Day. Have a healthy and savory day.

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