Water- The Most Neglected Essential Nutrient

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Water- The Most Neglected Essential Nutrient

Water is the largest component of the human body. Nearly 75% of human body is water. Water is the most essentialyet neglected nutrient for our body. It is required in largest quantities as compared to other nutrients and without it life is impossible. You cannot survive without water beyond few days whereas deficiency of other nutrients would only prove fatal after few weeks, months and also years.

Important Roles that water plays in our body:

  • Water act as a medium in which all metabolic processes of your body takes place. Water itself also participates in several metabolic reactions. Water also serves as solvent for various vitamins and minerals. Hence it is very important for the process of digestion, absorption, transport and excretion of nutrients and waste products.
  • Most of the large molecules or cells in our body exist in their hydrated forms, thus water is essential for maintaining their structure.
  • Water provides with lubrication and cushioning effect in the body. For example the lubricant action of saliva helps in easy movement of food.
  • Water helps in regulation of normal body temperature.
  • Water also maintains blood volume being the main constituent of plasma.
  • Water helps to detox your blood, which in addition keeps your body cleaner, thereby also improves skin health.

Many at times your body confuses being thirsty with being hungry thus drinking water also prevents you from eating unnecessary food. Experiencing hunger panksat times when you are not supposed to eat, might an indication that your body needs water. Thus to quench these sudden hunger panks, have a glass of water and then decide that were you thirsty or you were actually hungry.

Everyone should drink 2-3liters of water per day.If you are not getting enough water or your body is dehydrated then your body will react by pulling water out from other places of our body including the blood as well.
To overcome this situation,drink plenty of water.

The best way to determine whether your water intake is normal is by observing the color of your urine. If you are dehydrated then the color of your urine will be dark yellow on other hand if you are adequately hydrated, the urine color is clear or pale yellow.

An individual who is hydrated has a healthy scalp, clear and bright eyes, strong hair and nails and smooth and wrinkle free skin as water improves elasticity of skin.

Thus stay hydrated! Keep a bottle alongside you wherever you go whatever you do and make sure to drink water from time to time to keep your body adequately hydrated. Trust me havingadequate amount of water can do wonders for your body.


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