It’s Autumn Season – 5 Tips to Beat Autumn Blues

By      18-Sep 2021       Reading Time: 4 Mins

It’s Autumn Season – 5 Tips to Beat Autumn Blues

It’s time, Autumn season is approaching when the days get shorter and the wind blowing is cooler. All too often this season not only shows its golden side with mild temperatures but also brings wet-cold rainy days and constant fog. Autumn is a season with dingy weather and grey gloomy days. This is why our body and soul need a good amount of care right now to get fit and be active through the brisk autumn.

Experiencing autumn blues this season? Not with us! Here are 5 tips for a good start into this season – and to escape the famous autumn blues.

  • Indulge in Healthy Nutrition: Vitamins and minerals are important now, to strengthen the body’s defense mechanism. Add a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, like the typical autumn products such as pumpkin and cabbage are particularly delicious and nutritious in this season. Hot and aromatic spices like ginger and chilli are suitable for warming up the inside of your body. Tip: You can have hot chocolate – because it triggers happiness hormones!
  • Be physically active: Try to be active even if it is difficult to get up and exercise in this lazy weather. Our bodies regularly need exercise and the best in the fresh air to strengthen the immune system. How about jogging, gymnastics, cycling or walking? Physical activities can stimulate the production of happy hormones and therefore displace bad moods.
  • Get your dose of Vitamin D: The lack of sunlight, especially in the autumn season affects our bodies drastically. Sunlight is a rich source of Vitamin D and also boosts levels of serotonin which is the body’s natural ‘happy hormone’. Exposure to sunlight lifts our happy mood and helps us feel calm and relaxed. That is the reason it is best to go outdoors and enjoy the sun whenever possible.
  • Indulge in deep Relaxation: One should find ways to cope with stress and learn how to completely switch off. For example, if yoga helps you focus and relax the body then do it! If outdoor hikes in the crisp air clear your head choose this. Listen to some good music and maybe do some slow dance or create some paintings or crafts. Make sure to engage yourself with something you love to do
  • Pursue your need for sleep: Sleeping & waking up at a regular time can help you be more organised and well-rested. A minimum of 8 hrs of sleep is ideal for all. Sleeping late at night or not getting adequate sleep can make you feel more tired and frustrated, making it hard to accept the autumn change.

Over to You:

Change in mood and slump energy levels are common in the autumn season. But you can beat these autumn blues with the easy tips mentioned above to feel energized and refreshed. Stay active and eat warm nutritious foods.

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