A good diet is the best management for arthritis that no one knows

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A good diet is the best management for arthritis that no one knows

Arthritis is a disease which causes pain and stiffness in the joints leading to inflammation and pain. The disease progresses with age and is usually genetic or auto-immune in nature.


There is no cure for Arthritis, however with proper medications, physiotherapy and lifestyle changes, it can be managed to improve the quality of life.


In this article, we will be talking about the dietary changes that can help to control the symptoms of arthritis. 


The Indian diet is predominantly carbohydrate based. With imbalance in energy intake and output, a person can start gaining weight which will add additional pressure on the already stressed out joints. Hence diet and exercise play one of the important roles to prevent inflammation of these joints and keep the symptoms in check!

  • Anti inflammatory diet

We have all heard of the mediterranean diet which has become popular due to its positive effect on preventing various diseases like heart disease, high blood pressure or any autoimmune diseases. 


The Mediterranean diet includes fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, fish etc that can add micronutrients required for joint health and also various phytonutrients and omega 3 fats that can prevent inflammation in our body.

  • Avoid inflammatory foods

Avoid foods that can cause inflammation like gluten, dairy, red meat and also excess sugar, processed foods, food with high sodium content etc.


Also habits like smoking should be avoided and alcohol intake should be limited. It is in fact noted that wine can be a better choice due to its antioxidative properties as compared to other hard drinks.

  • Olive oil

Olive oil is loaded with heart-healthy fats, as well as oleocanthal, which has properties similar to anti-inflammatory drugs. The best way of using olive oil is opting for extra virgin and pouring it over the salad. This can retain the maximum nutrition of the oil as compared to when used for cooking.

  • Omega 3 fats

Eating a fistfull of nuts and seeds can add the much required omega 3 fats to your diet. Other sources include fish and avocado if you are a vegan.

Studies performed in animal models have shown a protective effect of omega-3 fatty acids against experimentally induced arthritis. Fish-oil feeding in mice delayed the onset and reduced the incidence and severity of arthritis compared with the vegetable oil-fed group.

  • Calcium and Vitamin D

Calcium and vitamin D are important nutritional supplements for patients with arthritis, particularly women. Some medications, namely corticosteroids, used to treat arthritis can be detrimental to your bone health in the long run and calcium and vitamin D can help combat those side effects.


Studies have shown that vitamin D deficiency worsens the symptoms of osteoarthritis. Hence it becomes imperative to conduct regular checks on the vitamin D levels and take supplements as per the doctor’s advice.


Also getting proper sun exposure daily and including calcium rich food like fatty fish, dark green leafy vegetables, sesame seeds can add the required calcium to the diet.

  • Green tea

The biological activities of green tea as a non drug therapy for rheumatic disease are due to the antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties of its polyphenolic compounds.


Research has shown that green tea, the most popularly consumed beverage worldwide, has higher levels of active phenolic compounds such as catechins like EGCG and these compounds were shown to have a potential anti-rheumatic activity.


Drinking 2-3 cups of green tea can help bring down the inflammation in the joints and reduce the intensity of pain.


Over and above the diet, It has reported that participating in moderate intensity exercise for at least 30 minutes five days per week was of significant benefits, especially for the healthy adult population. 


Exercise has also shown to decrease the risk of coronary artery disease and improve cardiovascular health, reduce adiposity, and increase muscle strength, which supports exercise health benefits among patients with arthritis.

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