Top 4 Myths & Facts on Weight Gain

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Top 4 Myths & Facts on Weight Gain

Just like losing weight is quite a complex task and requires a lot of efforts while following the correct nutritional information, similarly, gaining weight is a challenging task for many! Weight gaining through supplements is extremely harmful to the health and can also lead to various health complications while making you weak and less energetic and therefore investing time in understanding the facts on the weight gaining is extremely vital. Here are some myths and facts that always exist around weight gain. Keep a tab on these factors if you are trying to gain weight in a healthy, safe and sound way.

  • Myth: Eating more calories lead to weight gain
  • Fact: It is one of the conventional notions that packing yourself with a lot of calories lead to weight gain but let us bust that myth for you. Gaining weight does not require unnecessary packing of the calories and instead, it calls for the equal and wise distribution of calories. Consuming calories in one go can hamper your digestive system which can further lead to complications. You must divide your calorie consumption and consume properly balanced meals in order to gain weight healthily.

  • Myth: Eating more carbs guarantee weight gain
  • Fact: Many people believe that consuming carbohydrates rich diet can help in gaining weight. Carb is an extremely important macronutrient that helps in the smooth functioning of the body while fuelling up your energy levels but completely relying on carbs to gain weight is a bad idea. Weight gaining requires eating the right amount of food in the right quantity. It is extremely important to consume a proportionate amount of every nutrient if you are trying to gain weight. Just make sure that you always choose the good carbs.

  • Myth: Only high metabolism affects the weight gaining goals
  • Fact: It is a very common belief that slow metabolism leads to weight gain while high metabolism means no or less weight gain. Weight gaining is a complex task and while high metabolism is one of the key factors that can hamper your weight gaining process, other factors can also be responsible for it. Improper functioning of the internal processes or certain diseases can also hamper the goals of weight gaining while making you tired and less energetic. Do consult a health expert if you are doing everything right for a long time and still won’t be able to gain weight.

  • Myth: Eating a lot of fat lead to gain weight
  • Fact: There are 3 macronutrients (fat, protein and carbs) that body requires to smoothen the internal processes. Balance of all these 3 macronutrients is extremely crucial to gain weight while giving the perfect amount of energy to your body to perform physical activities. Include food sources like eggs, yoghurt, tofu, chickpeas, cottage cheese, whole grains, nuts and seeds in your diet to gain weight safely and soundly.

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When it comes to health, always dual check the information as one wrong step can hamper your health while taking you close to various health complications. Jot down the above-written myths and facts to gain weight healthily.

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