Know Which One is the Healthiest: Curd v/s Yoghurt

By      26-Sep 2020       Reading Time: 3 Mins

Know Which One is the Healthiest: Curd v/s Yoghurt

Curd and yoghurt are often known as synonymous but is it really true? Both curd and yoghurt are prepared from different methods and if you too are confused about what to pick then let’s find out what nutritional profile they both offers and which one is the healthiest.


Curd which is also known as Dahi is generally a household item and is prepared by curdling the milk with any edible substance which is acidic in nature such as lemon juice, vinegar or even curd itself. Both curd and yoghurt are probiotic in nature and consist of gut-friendly bacteria that can keep your intestines healthy. Consuming curd enhances digestion, good for your heart, helps in losing weight and boost immunity.


Yoghurt is prepared by bacterial fermentation of the milk. To prepare yoghurt, yoghurt culture containing lactobacillus bulgarius or streptococcus thermophilus bacteria is utilized and that is what makes the yoghurt a commercial product. Old-style curd or dahi was prepared by utilising only one strain of bacteria which is lactobacillus Bulgarius while yoghurt is prepared by using two strains of bacteria. Yoghurt is extremely beneficial for the health as it contains live bacteria and consumption of yoghurt can maintain good bacteria in the gut. People with lactose intolerance can also consume yoghurt but always check the food label before consuming. 

Both curd and yoghurt are dairy products and are prepared by using cow’s milk or buffalo milk or even goat milk. Both curd and yogurt offer various benefits to human health. If you are choosing yoghurt, make sure to check the label and ditch those that are filled with artificial essences or sugar. Always pick up the unflavoured version of yoghurt or you can also prepare curd at home but make sure to not use full cream milk.


Both curd and yoghurt are healthy and provides plenty of health benefits but make sure to check labels before purchasing. Try new and different ways of consuming them to enhance its nutritional profile and to make it more luscious.

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