6 Healthy Habits that help Reduce the Risk of Lung Cancer

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6 Healthy Habits that help Reduce the Risk of Lung Cancer

Well, we all know that smoking is directly related to lung cancer but there is more to it! Because lung cancer is often considered a disease of smoker’s, you might be uninformed of plenty of other factors that contribute to the increased risk of lung cancer. Your lifestyle habits play an important role in increasing the risk of lung cancer. It’s never too late to look out for the risk factors and incorporate certain changes in your lifestyle. Here we jot down 6 healthy habits that will make you breathe better while reducing the risk of lung cancer.

  • Say no to tobacco and smoking: Quitting smoking and tobacco is obviously one of the best ways to prevent lung cancer. As per the stats, 90% of lung cases are the outcome of smoking. Cigarettes contain harmful substances like nicotine, formaldehyde, benzene, and arsenic that can hamper your respiration process while taking you close to various other diseases. Second-hand smoke can also increase the chances of lung cancer and formulating strategies to quit can help you in saving your lungs. Try relaxation techniques, replacement therapies for effective results.
  • Indulge yourself in physical activities: Keeping your weight in check is one of the best ways to bid adieu to various diseases including cancer and heart diseases. Exercising regularly is extremely important to keep yourself in a fine fettle. Exercising not only helps in boosting your physical health but also helps in decreasing your urges of smoking while taking you away from various health ailments. Do incorporate a mix of various activities in your lifestyle for hale and hearty health. Make sure that you also avoid prolonged sitting and take walking or stretching breaks in between your work to keep moving healthily.
  • Choose wholesome foods: Eating healthy food items is the most essential thing that leads to a happy and healthy you. Though it does not guarantee the prevention of cancer, it is a sure-sure way to reduce the risk. Eating healthily fills you up with heart-healthy nutrients while decreasing your strong cravings for smoking during the quitting process. Add in fruits, green leafy vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds and refreshing drinks in your routine to reap the maximum benefits.
  • Avoid alcohol consumption: As per the statistics, “consuming over seven drinks per day of beer or hard liquor is associated with an 11% increased risk of lung cancer compared to not drinking.” So, quitting alcohol is a definite-do if you want to decrease the risk of developing lung cancer.
  • Screened frequently: If you are a former or current smoker, then going through medical tests frequently is one of the best ways to detect cancer early. Early detection can help in taking steps of treatment and can save you from further complexities.
  • Keep the junkies at bay: Processed and sugar food items are quite harmful to the overall health and they can increase the risk of life-threatening diseases. Such foods are filled with preservatives, fats that can increase your weight while taking you close to various health ailments. Cutting such foods from your diet is a great way to decrease the risk of diseases like lung cancer.

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Your total health and well-being depend upon your lifestyle and habits. Adding healthy habits to your lifestyle is a great way to enhance your lung capacity while protecting them from life-threatening diseases such as lung cancer. This World Lung Cancer Day, add these above written health-friendly habits to your lifestyle.

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