The role of Insulin Levels in PCOS – A Valuable Tool

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The role of Insulin Levels in PCOS – A Valuable Tool

PCOS is a common hormonal disorder and a great percentage of women who are suffering from PCOS also have insulin resistance —a situation that leads to high glucose levels and can further lead to pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes. In fact, insulin plays a role in PCOS and may act as the root of PCOS. It not only acts as a valuable tool in causing the condition but can also aggravate the symptoms. Insulin resistance requires lifestyle changes along with medications for effective treatments and to prevent complications.

What is the condition?

PCOS is a condition of hormonal disorders that further cause irregular menstrual cycles, fertility difficulties and small follicles on the ovaries. Insulin resistance is the condition in which the body stops responding to insulin as efficiently as it should, which leads to elevated levels of glucose in the body, low energy, or both. The misbalance for a longer period of time can hamper the condition of PCOS while leading to various other complications in the body.

The Connection

PCOS is known as a risk factor for developing diabetes. As per the experts, “despite the fact that the signs and symptoms of PCOS begin before the signs and symptoms of insulin resistance, it is believed that insulin resistance may play a role in causing PCOS, rather than the other way around.” High levels of insulin in the body can cause inflammation and various other metabolic glitches while worsening the condition of PCOS. The effect of Insulin resistance is not exactly the same on every woman.

Here is what you can do

While there is no proper cure, changing your lifestyle, dietary modifications along with medications is the most effective way to reduce the risk of further complications. Proper screening and routinely tests are extremely vital for early identification and proper treatments. If you are suffering from PCOS, healthy lifestyle modifications like incorporating daily exercise, eating a well-balanced diet, avoiding junk and consuming foods that are low in fats and sugars, adding whole grains, and fruits and vegetables can assist in easing out the symptoms, reduce the risk of insulin resistance while decreasing the risk of diabetes and further complications.


PCOS and insulin resistance are linked with each other and can increase the chances of other health complications like diabetes. Insulin resistance can further worsen the symptoms of PCOS and therefore altering your lifestyle is extremely important to reduce the risk of other health glitches. Make sure to abide by the above-written lifestyle modifications to reduce the risk of other health glitches.

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