Eat Like A Local- Jovial Taste of Jharkhand

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Eat Like A Local- Jovial Taste of Jharkhand

Jharkhand is known as a state with its immense greenery has a peculiar influence in tradition and culture which it acquires as the most important heritage. Further, the Jharkhand food has its own specialty which has always been an attraction. Due to the mixing of various ingredients available to us and making the best use of the natural products Jharkhand’s cuisine stands distinctive.

However, the primary foods of Jharkhand are vegetable, rice, dal, and pickle that they cook differently so as to give a delectable dish using mustard oil which gives it the characteristic aroma but like all the other states it too has some staple and a delicious treasure trove of recipes.

Here are 5 mouth-watering dishes from Jharkhand you must try:

  • Dhuska – Dhuska is a staple street food item in the state of Jharkhand, especially in its capital city Ranchi. They are deep-fried flattened circles, that somewhat look like pakoras in terms of appearance. Dhuska’s are made up of rice, urad dal, chana dal, and masalas and are served best with mint green chutney or aloo-chana sabzi.
  • Litti Chokha – Litti chokha is undoubtedly one of the most popular main-course dishes of Jharkhand. This dish is a very famous food item in the State and savoured by the locals. It is usually taken with yoghurt, baigan bharta (Chokha), alu bharta or papad.
  • Malpua – The desi pancake or the Malpua is synonymous with Holi in Jharkhand. No household is left in Jharkhand where the sweet smell of malpua fills the air on the eve of Holi. Since is a part of the tradition of Bihar and now Jharkhand, yet, this famous cuisine is found in all states of the country.
  • Chilka roti – Chilka Roti is a local dish which is prepared using rice flour and besan and is served with oal (curry made with elephant’s foot yam), mutton curry, or chana dal chutney. It is usually prepared in the households during festive seasons and special occasions.
  • Handia – Handia is a rice beer which is prevalent in the state and is famous as ‘Liquor of Jharkhand’. This drink is prepared by the ‘ranu’ tablet which is a combination of 20-25 herbs, which is mixed with boiled rice and left to ferment. The drink gets ready within a week.

Over to you:
So, now that we have listed down the palatable cuisine of Jharkhand, you need to head off to the state as soon as possible.

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